July 29, 2021

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Many Norwegians believe the pandemic will last a long time, according to a new study

According to the Norwegian Corona Monitor survey, nearly half of respondents believe Norway’s corona pandemic will last up to another year.

In the survey, 18% now say they believe the crown outbreak in Norway will last up to another six months, while 46% say it will last up to another year.

Furthermore, 20% think it will last another two years, while 16% think it will take even longer.

More than 36,000 Norwegians took part in the survey, conducted by Opinion.

Fewer believe in quick recovery

The percentage of the population who believe the pandemic will only last up to six months longer has dropped by 15% since June.

“There is no doubt that more and more people are being vaccinated, but Norwegians no longer believe that this necessarily means the end of the pandemic,” senior consultant Nora Clausen noted in Opinion.

People’s assessment of the duration of the pandemic in Norway is now quite similar to the average of all measurements made so far during the entire pandemic.

The biggest change was seen in the group that predicts the pandemic will last for more than two years – the proportion is now 5% above average for all measurements so far.

Others think the infection will escalate

In the past week, 44% of respondents said they believe the number of new coronavirus cases in Norway will increase.

Only 29% believe in a reduction in infections, while the rest believe that the number will remain unchanged.

The percentage of those expecting an increase in infection in the future has been on an increasing trend over the past five weeks.

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