October 25, 2021

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Major oil spill off California’s southern coast kills wildlife and shuts down beaches – NEWSWARDEN

Cleanup contractors employ skimmers and floating reefs known as boom to try to stop a further foray of crude oil into the Talbert Marsh Wetlands in Huntington Beach, Calif. On Sunday, October 3, 2021. (AP Photo / Ringo HW Chiu)

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UPDATED 8:41 am PT – Monday, October 4, 2021

An oil spill off the coast of Southern California is causing severe ecological impacts as a major disaster declaration is required for Orange County. Losing about 3,000 barrels of crude oil or an estimated 126,000 gallons to water, officials said the spill occurred after a pipe leak from an oil rig.

The oil spill was spotted over the weekend and reached communities in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and local marshes. Officials said cleaning up the spill is considered a top priority and are working to reduce any environmental impact.

“We are working with the Coast Guard, the state, the county and all of our local governments to do everything we can to assess the situation,” said Kim Carr, pro tempore mayor of Huntington Beach.

In partnership with federal, regional and local response agencies, cleanup efforts are underway for approx. 6 mile oil spill along our coast. The responsible party, Amplify Energy Corp, to assist with the cleanup.

For information on closures and voluntary operations: https://t.co/VN1y6N3Hlt pic.twitter.com/1CfYrRvknX

– City of Huntington Beach (@CityofHBPIO) October 4, 2021

Many beaches in the region have been closed or partially closed due to dead fish and birds sucking up the coast and noxious fumes that health officials say can be dangerous if inhaled.

“At this time, due to the possible damage caused by the vapors, I strongly advise people not to swim, surf or use the beach for exercise,” warned Dr. Clayton Chau, an Orange County health officer.

Officials said they will issue a public health order to warn those in beach towns of potentially dangerous oils that form ground clusters. Orange County residents were shocked after the last day of the Pacific Air Show was canceled to allow the Marines to begin cleanup efforts. About 1.5 million showed up for the event on Saturday.

Barriers and barriers have been deployed to help prevent the influx of oil into nearby Huntington Beach ecological reserves and wetlands. The offshore pipeline has been closed and is no longer leaking and investigations into what caused the leak are ongoing.

Here’s what we know:

– Beta Offshore is responsible for the spill and works with the incident management team.


– The city has deployed over 2,000 feet of protective barriers in 7 wetlands. pic.twitter.com/F2r5TTYAJ8

– City of Huntington Beach (@CityofHBPIO) October 3, 2021

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