October 25, 2021

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Live update of Covid news in Australia: health minister says Victoria will open for the summer; Race day Everest doubles capacity to 10,000; NSW block elevators | News from Australia


Australia risks losing investment if leaders continue to play “bad policy” with climate change, says Andrew Forrest






At least 286 Australian citizens and permanent residents still in Afghanistan

At least 286 Australian citizens and permanent residents remain in Afghanistan, an official told a Senate inquiry.

Simon Newnham, acting deputy secretary and crisis coordinator at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said:

Our best estimate with a level of confidence around this figure is that there are 129 Australian citizens remaining in Afghanistan as of 1 October who have registered in our database as in need of government assistance.

Newnham said there were 157 other Australian permanent residents remaining in Afghanistan who had registered as seeking Australian assistance, adding to the figure of 286.

Home Affairs does not have a clear figure on how many Afghan citizens holding Australian visas have been unable to leave the country. But an internal affairs official says Australia has received 26,000 visa applications in the past four weeks.





From now, indoor water centers have reopened in Sydney, which is a big win for swimmers as well as people with chronic pain or people undergoing rehabilitation who use the pools for hydrotherapy.

Annette Kellerman Chief Operating Officer of the Aquatic Center Anthony McIntosh is “happy” that the indoor aquatic facilities are now open.

It has been an incredibly busy time for the leisure industry in the regional and metropolitan areas of New South Wales.

With aquatic and leisure venues now open, McIntosh sees “an opportunity” for Belgravia Leisure to “contribute to the recovery of the physical and mental health needs of the local communities in which we operate”:

Access to these important community assets has never been more important.

A swimmer at Annette Kellerman Aquatic Center in Marrickville on October 11, 2021 in Sydney.

A swimmer at Annette Kellerman Aquatic Center in Marrickville on October 11, 2021 in Sydney. Photograph: Brook Mitchell / Getty Images




The head of the ADF, General Angus Campbell, made it clear when the Australian government first notified the victims’ families of the potential release of the former Afghan soldier known as Hekmatullah.

Hekmatullah was convicted of the murder of three Australian soldiers – Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, Private Robert Poate and Sapper James Martin – while playing cards at a patrol base north of Tarin Kowt in August 2012.

Campbell had previously hinted at conversations with family members over the weekend. But recently he told a Senate committee that there had been a previous conversation when the information was less certain:

We first informed the families that Hekmatullah it may have been released or may be in the process of being released, from the custody of Qatar on 18 August. And then we followed again this weekend, believing he was released from the case.




Race day Everest doubles the crowd capacity to 10,000


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