June 19, 2021

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Lil Pump is not the father of the child he publicly claimed – TMZ – Tell It Like It News

Where is it Maury Povich when do you need him? Small pump He is probably feeling it in his head, because TMZ has learned that the rapper is NOT the father of the child he claimed was his. We explain.

Earlier this week, Pump posted a photo – taken last Sunday on a yacht in Miami – holding a baby boy. Cute and nothing out of the ordinary … except the caption that shocked her 17s millions follower: “Baby mom ain’t s ** t she won’t let me see my son #fathers right.”

This created a big stir on social media and in the hip-hop world … with several outlets reporting that Lil Pump had revealed that he was a first-time father and was dealing with the mommy drama.

But as MJ said … the baby is not his son !!! Sources tell TMZ that the baby is actually the son of Andre malek, a yacht captain who operates charters in Miami.

We’re told the baby is known for taking photos with celebrities and sexy women hiring his dad.

Hell, Andre’s son has his too Instagram account… @ CaptainAdorable305.

Earlier this year he took a photo with Cuba Gooding Jr. and the photo was subtitled, “This wasn’t what I meant when I asked for some OJ … 😅🙈.”

Kids and Lil Pump publish the most damned stuff. LOL.