June 19, 2021

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Leo understands COVID-19 – Feedly Blog

Coronavirus news is everywhere right now. It is not so much a wave of information as it is an ocean. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or miss out on a crucial market development.

Or maybe you want to get rid of the COVID-19 content altogether so you can find out what else is happening in the world.

So we taught Leo, your AI research assistant, how to help you.

Mute audio or prioritize COVID-19 in your Feedly

Leo can already learn what you like to see and perfect your Feedly. It can now also mute the audio or prioritize COVID-19. And it does so through tens of millions of reliable sources.

It works just like Leo’s other priority parameters like keywords, topics and events. “Coronavirus” and “COVID-19” are just two of the terms it recognizes. Leo also takes into account a variety of other virus names, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Leo prioritizes mentions of COVID-19 and its wide variety of aliases

Once you prioritize Leo, you will have a specific insight into how your industry is reacting to the pandemic. Then save the most interesting articles to your Feedly Board.

you can mute or prioritize one feed or each feed, and those feeds can be personal or spread across your team. It allows some team members to focus on COVID-19 news as needed, while others look further.

Here are some examples to show how Leo’s coronavirus topic might work for you. After all, the virus is affecting every industry, be it retail, cyberspace, automotive or pharmaceutical …

COVID-19 and biopharmacy

You are a director of drug development looking for news and insights into cardiovascular disease and how COVID-19 is affecting this research.

Let’s imagine we have a cardiology feed on Feedly and follow multiple scientific and medical journals. Go to your cardiology feed and press “Train Lion” in the right corner. You can prioritize COVID-19 topics by entering it as a topic.

Preview priority COVID-19 articles in your cardiology feed

The articles displayed now are all about coronavirus and cardiology.

Refine the priority further with + AND or + OR. Here is some more information on Leo’s argument combinations.

COVID-19 and cyber security

You are part of a large tech company. Security threats may have emerged during the pandemic, buried by online noise.

Do the exact same thing. Click “Train Lion” and enter COVID-19 as the topic.

Preview priority COVID-19 articles in your threat research feed

You can see the latest coronavirus related articles from your sources in the preview. Choose whether to filter by Full content or titles that explicitly contain COVID-19 or its aliases.

New threats to your business can then be identified and prepared for.

COVID-19 and retail

You are a business intelligence analyst looking for the effects of COVID-19 on stores and brands around the world. Retail, one of the most disrupted sectors, is under scrutiny. The priority function can help here too.

With a retail feed, you will preview countless content that addresses this topic.

Again, create a Leo priority around COVID-19.

Preview priority COVID-19 items in your Retail feed

And this is all. You have a feed at the intersection of two topics, with plenty of room for more priorities and further refinements.

Deactivation of COVID-19

Instead, you may want to look beyond COVID-19 and keep it out of your feeds.

Muting is just as easy. Click “Train Leo” and scroll down to “Deactivate filters”. Type COVID-19. You’ll see a message asking which Feedly feeds you want to remove it from.

Here’s what it looks like in a technical feed.

Preview the deactivated COVID-19 articles in your tecnicotech feed

No other content on the subject will appear in your Feedly as long as the audio is on. It is one of 1,000 pre-trained topics that Leo can turn off immediately.

Train Leo to prioritize or mute COVID-19 now

Whatever happens with the coronavirus and your market, the reliable information is here. Leo makes sure you are never overwhelmed or have a hard time seeing the big picture.

If you’re interested in learning more about Leo’s roadmap, join the Feedly Community Slack channel. 2020 will be a busy year, but by staying informed you can respond better and stay in control.