October 25, 2021

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Leading supplier of preservable foods Augason Farms goes out of business for 90 days, citing collapse of the supply chain

Food storage mega-supplier Augason Farms has ceased operations for 90 days, citing “global raw material shortages” and “substantial delays” in sourcing and manufacturing.

“Unfortunately, BCG [the parent company owner of Augason Farms] cannot fulfill your orders on time; therefore, this letter communicates our decision to suspend business for the next 90 days, effective immediately, “says a letter dated October 7, 2021 issued by Mark Augason, President of Augason Farms, to the distributors and resellers of Augason Farms (see letter below).

“During these 90 days, we will guarantee and accumulate raw materials and take steps to speed up our production around the clock,” the letter continues. “We are confident that this recovery period will help us better serve you with on-time and complete shipments in the future,” adds the letter.

Augason Farms has been a large-scale retailer on Amazon.com, Walmart, and several other retail outlets, typically offering nuts, vegetables, and non-organic meal mixes to the prep and survival community.

The full letter is shown here:

In addition to this letter to its distributors and resellers, the Augason Farms website has announced that it will no longer process customer online orders. “Due to extremely high order volume across all sales channels, we are currently unable to receive orders via our website,” an on-site message said on October 8th.

“We expect to reactivate this site as soon as possible.”

For the record, we were appalled to learn about this development. It is further evidence of the accelerated collapse of food supply lines. As we have repeatedly warned, the world is about to be plunged into a “dark winter” of extreme food shortages, grid shortages / power shortages and accelerated peak protein deaths that occur among vaccinated people.

Shutting down Augason Farms for 90 days will only worsen the retail food shortage, forcing people to fight even more aggressively to try and spot dwindling food supplies.

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In my opinion, the brain-dead Democrats are just trying to throw more stimulus money on this problem, creating even more fake fiat currency that chases an ever-diminishing supply of goods. And since you can’t eat the stimulus money, all the stimulus in the world is useless if supply lines are collapsing. The problem in today’s economy isn’t a lack of stimulus money, it is a lack of work because of all the COVID blockades (which are completely meaningless and based on irrational junk science). This lack of manpower is translating into disruptions in the food supply chain and transport / logistics nightmares that mean fewer goods are available for end customers.

If this continues, mass starvation and grid failures will likely kill far more people than COVID ever could.

Our storable food operations at HealthRangerStore.com have been heavily impacted by the collapse of the food supply chain. As we reported weeks ago, the commercial food purchase contracts we traditionally signed with food suppliers for 12 months of food deliveries are all but gone. Commercial food suppliers told us in July that “they could not guarantee food deliveries beyond 90 days.” Suppliers that previously offered credit terms now require prepayment or full payment on delivery. And many commercial food orders result in only partial deliveries, which typically account for half of what was originally ordered.

The last time we put stowable food containers into our online inventory, they are sold out in 90 minutes. We have since run out of stock. (Our current production run will put items back into inventory on Nov.11, assuming the power grid remains active.)

There is no doubt that the food supply chain in North America is rapidly collapsing. This is because the elections have consequences and the Democrats would apparently prefer to see America stuck rather than working in productive jobs. If you pay people to stay at home and not work, people will stay at home and not work. Before long, the shelves are empty. It’s a page torn from communist-style centrally planned economies … that history has proven to be woefully inefficient and lead to exactly the kind of supply chain failures we’re seeing right now.

Those who continue to deny this reality will not be able to deny it for much longer, as store shelves are also starting to run out. Every nation, they say, is but nine meals away from a revolution. Those nine skipped meals will arrive this winter, apparently.

We wish Augason Farms to resume operations in the best possible way in 2022, should the supply lines be improved. However, we are extremely concerned that the picture will be much worse in 90 days. And those who fail to hoard food in the next 30-60 days could literally find themselves starving in January / February (or begging FEMA for emergency food begging).

According to energy experts, the US power grid will no longer function reliably by then. Hear all the details of the upcoming US power outages in my most recent podcast:

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