September 18, 2021

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Labor / LNP, the first concrete pouring underway at Rookwood Weir

Rookwood Weir

Queensland’s largest water infrastructure project is starting to rise from the Fitzroy River, with the first concrete pours for the Rockwood Weir foundation starting overnight.

This marks another major construction milestone for the $ 367.2 million project, which will unlock thousands of megaliters of water to increase water security, expand irrigated agricultural production, and promote new business and economic opportunities across the country. Central Queensland.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Barnaby Joyce said the Liberal and National Government is determined to secure the people of Central Queensland and Rookwood Weir is proof of that commitment.

“We are moving forward with providing the infrastructure that Central Queenslanders need and deserve,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“Rookwood Weir will transform the entire region, driving the expansion of irrigated agricultural production and opening up new business opportunities that will boost the local economy.

“The best thing we can do for this country ensures a secure future for water, our farmers and the regional communities that continue to drive our economic recovery.

“That’s why we are investing $ 3.5 billion through the National Water Grid Fund to improve water security while promoting local economic activity and job creation.”

Queensland Water Minister Glenn Butcher said the project is already delivering benefits across the region.

“It is good to see significant progress on this historic project which will increase job opportunities and economic growth across central Queensland,” said Minister Butcher.

“We currently have 196 workers on site to deliver the dam, 128 of whom are Central Queenslanders, with 14 apprentices and trainees.

“In addition, 95% of the project costs will be spent in Queensland.”

Federal member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the Rookwood Weir project will allow the region to grow and thrive in the future.

“The approximately 86,000 megaliters of water that Rookwood Weir will make available will support agricultural growth and provide safe, reliable and affordable water throughout central Queensland, setting the local industry to succeed,” Landry said.

Flynn federal member Ken O’Dowd said the concrete is now being produced at the on-site allotment plant and is being used for the spillway monoliths and the left shoulder of the dam.

“This is an important step towards building the dam and making more water available to unlock the region’s economic potential,” O’Dowd said.

Rockhampton state member Barry O’Rourke said the project team is working hard to meet the construction schedule after a two-week shutdown last month after a contractor visiting the site tested positive for COVID. 19.

“Work is back in full swing on this incredibly important local project and is a testament to everyone’s commitment that great strides are being made despite operations being halted while workers are in quarantine.

“This was made possible by the rigorous on-site safety checks that were adhered to by our workforce and overseen by Queensland Health,” said O’Rourke.

Sunwater CEO Glenn Stockton said that pours occur at night to control the temperature in bulk concrete.

“The concrete castings are performed in a continuous operation on an 11-hour night shift for about 12 months and we will see the structure take shape during that time.”

“A number of other works on the project have also been significantly advanced, including moving 800,000m3 of earthworks, while a cofferdam, which will help divert river flows, and a temporary river crossing are nearing completion, “he said.

“All these activities will help to allow work to continue as the height of the river increases as the rainy season approaches.”

Rookwood Weir is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments, provided in partnership with Sunwater.

The first water from Rookwood Weir will be available in 2023, after the infrastructure is fully commissioned.

Minister for Regional Development and Production and Minister for Water

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