June 19, 2021

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Recently, American researchers published a study that was another shining example of the Russian hybrid war and its implications for the world. On Twitter, Russian robots and trolls have been spreading the vaccine lie for a number of years and fueled anti-vaccination attitudes in society.

Thousands of tweets were analyzed, published between 2014 and 2017. A large number of those who spoke of vaccination were written by Russian fake accounts (source).

These tweets were spreading unfounded views on vaccination, as if it caused autism or killed people. In parallel, fake accounts also tweeted in support of vaccination, however these tweets were intended to spark discussions about vaccines that could confuse millions of people and influence their decision to abandon vaccination.

Look at these terrible numbers: in only 6 months of 2018 in Europe 41 thousand people had measles, 37 died (source). One of the causes of the spread of the disease is the abandonment of vaccinations, caused by dirty disinformation campaigns. In Ukraine, pro-Russian robots, trolls and politicians have been spreading lies about vaccination for years and are committed to undermining the vaccination of the population. As a result, we have no confidence in vaccines and disease outbreaks.

This is an important lesson: always check sources of information and never draw conclusions from messages that are not confirmed by facts!

Especially this applies to those who work in the media. From now on, when you see flashes of anti-vaccine misinformation, know who is behind it. This example shows that Russia doesn’t just use a physical weapon to undermine the foundations of civilization in the world. It also undermines the credibility of evidence-based medicine. Vaccination is an indisputable and not an alternative way to ensure human safety.