September 22, 2021

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Kpokpogri reacts and says “Tonto opens his legs like Lekki Tollgate, it’s hell to hang out with her, he threatens to commit suicide if I stop”

People have been asking for my silence for the past few weeks, but I think I would be doing potential future victims a favor by talking because this has become a role model for her.

We dated for just 3 months and it was more like hell! So much has happened in such a short time that I have overlooked for the sake of the so-called relationship and my personal sanity.

However, I would release evidence of how Anty has been cheating since the beginning of our relationship when she went to Lagos to spread her legs like the Lekki toll booth and how she cried and pleaded for a second chance and even threatened to commit suicide if I didn’t. has forgiven.

Las Las, there is no worse evil than a bad woman, and nothing has ever been produced better than a good one!