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Kiev is becoming the world capital of music videos: 12 iconic clips Euromaidan Press

Kiev is becoming the world capital of music videos: 12 iconic clips Euromaidan Press

Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta Barzilai is one of many world musicians to have shot their own music videos in Kiev. Screenshot from the official music video of “Bassa Sababa”

15/04/2021 – 15:02 •

Article by: Kiev not Kiev

Most Ukrainian stars choose foreign locations to shoot their videos. On the contrary, foreign directors choose Ukraine. Musicians from all over the world come here to create videos for their tracks. We can even say that Kiev is becoming the music video capital of the world.

We wanted to focus on this topic more seriously. In addition to the list of videos that show us beautiful views of Kiev, we present a brief analysis of the reasons

Why has Kiev become so attractive to them?

The first and most obvious reason is, of course, the number of exciting places. Kiev is full of urban, natural, contemporary, post-Soviet, bleached and colored spots. And the places that can offer videomakers such varied locations are now being appreciated. If this trend continues, Kiev has every chance of becoming a Mecca for the music industry.

The second reason is money. It is clear that the big producers want to make the best video at the lowest cost. Kiev can also offer that service. Kiev has the best compromise between quality and cost of services.

The third reason is the skilled and modern post-production teams in Kiev. Their work is seen and appreciated abroad. We can prove this by the number of music videos that have been created or co-created by Ukrainian companies. For example, Ukrainian Shelter.film is a production company that participated in the creation of Dua Lipa’s video for “We’re Good”. Gloria FX company took part in video production for Kanye West, Justin Biber, Britney Spears and Coldplay. For Coldplay’s “Up & Up” video, they received an MTV Award for Best Video Visual Effects.

Finally, here are some of the videos where you can recognize the views of Kiev and even Chernobyl.

Miley Cyrus – Nothing breaks like a heart

An exciting police chase for the video “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” was filmed on the Darnytsky Bridge. Traffic on the bridge was temporarily blocked for this purpose.

NCT – Boss

The very famous South Korean boy band NCT flew to Kiev to shoot their video. Pop stars danced in front of the Ukrainian House and an abandoned bus fleet. Most of the frames in the video show the Ukrainian National Vernadsky Library.

Calum Scott – You are the reason

The British singer walks through the center of Kiev. The video shows all the most famous destinations of the Ukrainian capital: the monument of Taras Shevchenko, the National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine, the St. Sophia Cathedral, the night Khreshchatyk street with Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) .

Pink Floyd – Marooned

For their Marooned music video, the band chose Pripyat, a ghost town that was evacuated after the explosion of the nearby Chornobyl nuclear power plant. The video first shows a space station from which the entire Earth can be seen; the second half shows Chornobyl abandoned.

OrelSan – Everything is fine

Among the places, you can see the Kiev skyscrapers, the Dnipro embankment and the Poshtova square. It is not the first clip shot for OrelSan in Kiev. The French rapper presented another video for the song Basic, shot in Kiev, on the unfinished Podilsko-Voskresensky bridge.

Tame Impala – Loneliness is bliss

Reality and a post-apocalyptic world are combined in this clip. While the actions are taking place in Kiev, you can recognize one of the Kiev bridges – Pivnichnyi.

Avicii – Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora

This video was even obtained the MTV Video Music Award. The beautiful places in Kiev that you can observe in this video are Rybalskyy bridge, Hryshko National Botanical Garden, Victory Park.

It hurts – Ali

This British synth-pop duo, which creates music in the “Noir’n’b and doom pop” style, has visited Kiev many times. They loved the capital of Ukraine so much that they even shot a couple of their music videos here. The first is “Wings”. In it, you can spot the Pushcha-Vodytsia sanatorium, the October Palace and Budynok Kino (Cinema House). The other video, titled “Beautiful ones”, was also created in Kiev. However, unfortunately, you cannot see any famous places in this work.

Zayn – Flames

British singer Zayn preferred Kiev for his “Flames” music video. You may see several famous sights, including Darnytsia Railway Station, Vernadsky National Library, Pozniaky area, and many Kiev skyscrapers.

MØ – Kamikaze

The Danish singer decided to capture a local flavor of the remote district of Kiev called “Troyeshchyna”. We can see graffiti-covered walls, dreary gray buildings and dusty streets.

Years and years – It shines

This spectacular video was shot in the Pushcha-Vodytsia forest district in Kiev. This beauty of nature and landscapes accompanied by post-Soviet attributes (carpets, furniture) can only be found in Ukraine.

Netta Barzilai – Lower Sababa

Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta Barzilai also shot her musical work in Kiev. In the video you can observe the Darnytsky Bridge, the Ukrainian National Vernadsky Library and the rural views of the buildings of Kiev.

Those are by far not all gorgeous music videos shot and made in Kiev. We are happy to acknowledge that Kiev has become more popular with music industry representatives. Many more people can get to know the capital of Ukraine through the art of music.

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