June 15, 2021

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Keeping car windows closed: police said the driver hit the cicada in the face, causing an accident

The cicadas invasion was responsible for a Monday incident in Ohio, Cincinnati police said.

The cicada flew through an open car window, hitting the driver in the face, resulting in a one-car accident in Cincinnatti’s East End neighborhood, police said in a Post on Twitter.

The driver sustained minor injuries, but the vehicle sustained severe damage, CBS reported.

This year’s batch of periodical cicadas, known as Brood X, have interfered with travel across the east coast this season. On Tuesday night, a swarm infested the outer hull of the White House press plane, delaying the plane’s flight by more than six and a half hours.

Twitter’s reaction to the Ohio collapse was predictable:

And good advice:

Disclaimer: The mail Keep the windows closed: Police said the cicada hit the driver in the face, causing an accident was first published by Cincinnati Enquirerwe rssfeeds.usatoday.com.