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Jean Carlos Mejia, the Indians leave the final to the cardinals

Jean Carlos Mejia, the Indians leave the final to the cardinals

2021-06-10 05:25:00

Indians manager Terry Francona said ahead of Wednesday’s game that he would like to see starting pitcher Jean Carlos Mejía “come out” on his start against St. Louis.

And for two thirds of an inning and nine shots, Mejía did just that. But with two outs in the first inning and Tommy Edman in the second after his double leadoff, it all fell apart. A pass to Nolan Arenado, followed by a single from Tyler O’Neill, a pass full of bases to Yadier Molina and a double from Matt Carpenter eliminating the bases suddenly put the Cardinals ahead and Mejía packing up for the ‘eventual 8-2 of the Indians. defeat in Wednesday’s final at Busch Stadium.

“I think my things were sounding good,” Mejía said through interpreter Agustin Rivero. “Everything was clear around the area. But it’s one of those days where you have to assimilate it and take it as a lesson, and keep moving forward. “

Mejía, who entered the night with a shot limit of 75, came out after shooting 38, 24 per strike.

His signature plummet, which he threw 19 times, generated seven hits called blows and puffs. The right-hander was consistently just one shot from escaping the traffic jam, however, a mix of competitive at-bats from the Cardinals and trouble locating his off-speed shots ultimately led to his downfall and that of the Indians.

“It looked like he had good stuff,” Francona said. “He was attacking, he was following [Austin Hedges], and then he just couldn’t send anyone away. “

Mejía’s start was the 54th case in which an Indians rookie lasted only two-thirds of an inning, and the first since Trevor Bauer on June 28, 2013. The 24-year-old had arrived in the night with a pristine ERA of 0, 00 on eight innings spread over four games (one from the start).

The night was a setback for Cleveland, who is currently without right-footed Zach Plesac, on the 10-day injury list with a right thumb injury.

“I think right now the main lesson will be to finish each hitter and focus on finishing everything,” Mejía added. “Using all my shots, being able to combine them, but most importantly, being able to finish all the hitters.”

The Indians took the lead, 2-0, in the first inning, displaying the same patience and bat-to-ball skill that made Tuesday’s 10-1 win possible, but soon the Cardinals star and loyal Adam Wainwright have settled down, keeping the Indians out. the basics, including six no-hit innings during his initial seven innings. After the first inning, 26 of the 27 Cleveland batters who hit the pot were withdrawn by Wainwright and two reliefs.

Wainwright’s three wins in the first inning were the only ones the Indians had all night. He knocked out six Cleveland hitters in his seven frames.

“In the first inning he didn’t look like he had his ‘A’ shit, but like many good veterans, man, they got him those points and he went out and just set up a clinic,” Francona said of Wainwright’s performance. “He threw all his throws [and] changed speed.

“The guys he knew in our club who are aggressive, he made them chase. It was fantastic. We had a really difficult time, of course. “

The Cleveland bullpen, who entered the field off and on a day off on Thursday, pitched 8 1/3 innings, allowing him to score four more runs to match Mejía’s four.

“It’s one of those things you just have to go out there and wear it for the boys,” said Phil Maton, the first relief to come into play for Cleveland. “You have to go out there and compete, you can’t really think about it too much. Trust your exploration report, trust the fingers Hedges is putting out there, and compete to the best of your ability. “

Maton knocked out five straight Cardinals hitters in his 2 1/3 leading innings, but gave O’Neill a two-point home run (the first of a two-homer match for the outside), in his last inning. .

“[It] it just got to the execution, “added Maton.” I had a great feeling for all three of my shots today and whenever you can command all your stuff in the zone, it definitely increases your chances of getting some strikeouts. ” .

Cal Quantrill added two more innings of unscored relief with two strikeouts.

With the defeat, Cleveland ended his short 2-3 trip, with a series defeat to the Orioles and a split against the Cardinals. The club kicked off a seven-game home game against the Mariners and Orioles on Friday.