September 18, 2021

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Is this the Air Force’s top secret RQ-180 stealth drone?

The mysterious aircraft in the shape of bat wings was seen hovering over Santa Magdalena on Thursday

Daily mail: Is this the Air Force’s top secret RQ-180 stealth drone? Mysterious broken plane flying over the Philippines could be the “great white bat”

* Philippine Air Force intercepted an unknown plane flying over the island nation on Thursday as a local photographer took a photo

* The craft appeared with the bat wing shaped body and thin wing designed by the allegedly secret stealth drone RQ-180 developed by the US Air Force

* Military journalist Tyler Rogoway believes there is strong evidence that the mysterious craft sighted is the RQ-180 given its design and location.

* A similar craft was spotted in California last year, also believed to be the drone

* Rogoway warned that it could also be a Chinese stealth drone, as the Communist nation continues to develop drones similar to American projects

* The US government has only briefly acknowledged the existence of the RQ-180

A mysterious plane caught flying over the Philippines could be the U.S.’s new ultra-secret RQ-180 stealth drone, aviation experts believe.

Local landscape photographer Michael Fugnit captured the craft on Thursday attempting to take sunrise photos on the coast of Santa Magdalena, a resort town 364 miles south of Manila.

Fugnit regularly scans the skies for planes and quickly realized that the bat-winged craft was unlike any commercial or military plane he’d ever seen before.

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WNU Editor: This landscape photographer took a lucky shot.