June 19, 2021

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Is China making a strategic mistake in retaliation against Europe?

CNBC: China made a “huge strategic mistake” in retaliation against Europe, says the former US negotiator

* China imposed sanctions on 10 EU politicians and four other entities in March.

* Beijing was taking revenge on Western sanctions against Chinese officials accused of serious human rights violations in Xinjiang.

* In response, the European Parliament last month suspended ratification of a new investment pact with China until Beijing lifted EU sanctions.

China made a “huge strategic mistake” when it retaliated against Europe by imposing sanctions on EU politicians, former White House trade negotiator Clete Willems said.

Beijing’s shares killed a major investment deal between the European Union and China, and the deal is “off the table now,” Willems told CNBC on Monday.


WNU Editor: China is also alienating other countries besides Europe …. Chinese wolf warriors are undermining Beijing’s empathic message on the Covid-19 crisis in India (Quartz). And on top of everything else, China is doubling down on its sanctions …. China unveils a new legal weapon to hit the US and other Western rivals with tougher sanctions (SCMP).