October 25, 2021

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Intego Group – Dedicated programming teams in Eastern Europe

Intego Group - Dedicated programming teams in Eastern Europe

This month, UCF’s Department of Statistics and Data Science held its 8th Annual Big Data Analytics Symposium – This year was our second year of sponsoring this event which was held in a virtual environment.

For students involved in UCF’s Department of Statistics and Data Science, this annual symposium represents an opportunity to explore the application of concepts they are actively learning and how that knowledge applies in diverse real-world applications.

Speakers from Intego Clinical

Intego Clinical’s speakers included our sales director, Ken Roby, and studio manager, Irina Kotenko. Their presentation provided insight into our company’s operations and processes regarding our 9 years of supporting the pharmaceutical industry, while successfully providing a career growth framework for students entering the field through Clinical SAS training program.

Their presentation also provided information on clinical research and new drug development, showing the number of clinical trials that have grown steadily over the course of 20 years, indicating the importance and opportunity the students have in front of them.

What is Intego Clinical?

Intego Clinical has over 200 statistical programmers and data managers. Between the opportunities and culture of our company, we maintain an incredible 96% retention rate with our staff. Our global operations include Ukraine, Poland and the United States, with our office in the United States located near the UCF campus. For more information on our Clinical SAS training program, contact our sales manager, Ken Roby.

Fun facts:

  • 70% of the developers we hire have a master’s degree
  • 10% of the developers we hire have a PhD
  • We have an employee retention rate of 96%
  • 75% of developers have been working for the same client for 3-7 years