June 24, 2021

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Inflation and hunger loom over the new strike by food sellers


The Amalgamated Union of Food Stuff and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria (AFUCDN) has threatened to cut food supply nationwide if insecurity is not addressed by the federal government.

A drastic drop in food supply would have a negative effect on inflation and household incomes.

National union president Muhammed Tahir, who made it known at the end of an emergency union meeting in Abuja, said that since Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has intervened in the past three months in a move that led to the six-day suspension of the strike, nothing was done to address the concerns raised by the union.

The union went on strike in March 2021 following alleged illegal roadblocks and extortion of its members and unnecessary attacks by its members across Nigeria.

Tahir said that after looking into concerns, the union also decided to put its weight on the onion union which has also started cutting off supplies in the southern part of the country.

He said that although the AFUCDN is not on strike at the moment, it may no longer guarantee industrial harmony after three weeks if the government fails to meet union demands.

In addition, the union’s legal counsel, Saleh Magama, said the federal government must take the necessary steps to warn of cutting food supplies across the country.

He added: “This is an emergency meeting focused on what is happening to our members in the south-east and south-south of Nigeria. This is also to inform our members nationwide about the consequences of the three-month strike.

“Today’s resolution is that we declare support for the various unions under the auspices of the amalgamated union that works to secure its members. For example, the onion association started the strike last night and, as a national union, we discussed extensively and decided to support them in their strike action. As a united union, we have written a reminder letter to the federal government through relevant ministries and security agencies, reminding them of their previous promises to the union that they still need to do something about it. We reminded the government that if nothing is done in the coming weeks, we may be forced to sit down and have another resolution. “

The union has hinted that the strike date will be decided when its members meet in three weeks, saying: “it depends on the outcome of the resolution. Currently the onion supplier strike is only in the south, but our strike will be nationwide, including the north. We will cut our food supplies in three weeks if nothing is done ”.

The union insisted that its demands were aimed at protecting the rights of its members during transit and in their workplaces.

The amalgamated union said its demands to the federal government included the dismantling of all illegal roadblocks mounted by thugs nationwide and the drafting of an agreement between it and state governments seeking to protect its members from all forms of attack. insecurity across the country.

“To dismantle illegal roadblocks mounted on highways by thugs in total disregard of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, especially from Adamawa, Taraba and Benue to Port Harcourt.

“To draw up an agreement between the state governments and the mixed union of food and livestock traders of Nigeria, that from now on if any violence of any kind erupts in that state and our members are attacked, we will not hesitate to withdraw our services immediately, “the union said.

Disclaimer: The mail Inflation, hunger looms over the new strike by food sellers was first published by Guardian Nigeriawe guardian.ng.