June 15, 2021

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In Vietnam, a new outbreak of a more aggressive type of coronavirus, evacuated tens of thousands of tourists

Vietnamese authorities have reported an outbreak of coronavirus infection in the city of Da Nang and surrounding provinces. In the past five days, four cases of infection with unknown carriers have been recorded, and it is a virus of a new type that had not previously been detected in the country. This was reported on website of the government of Vietnam.

According to the results of the first studies of Vietnamese doctors, the new type of virus is more aggressive than the previously known types: it is able to multiply more quickly and causes a transition to a serious condition more quickly. Two of the four patients diagnosed with infection at the end of last week are currently connected to ventilators.

The penetration of a new type of virus into the central region of Vietnam, where the city of Da Nang is located, is linked by the Ministry of Health to both the entry of illegal migrants into the country and a mutation of the virus. Prior to the outbreak in Da Nang, there had been no reported cases in Vietnam for more than three months.

Second BBC news , the first of four cases presented to the doctor complaining of flu symptoms on July 20. He is 57 years old. He is now on ventilation and doctors rate his condition as critical. It is not yet clear how he contracted the coronavirus, it is known that he has not left Da Nang for a long time. There were no cases in his environment.

Vietnamese state news agency VNA reports that several areas at higher risk of spreading the infection have been blocked in and around Da Nang, where cases have been reported in recent days.

As stated in the press release of the National Coordination Committee for the Prevention and Control of the Spread of Coronavirus, the obligation to wear medical masks in crowded places and respect for social distance will be introduced in Da Nang from 27 July. The city will not receive tourists for the next two weeks. At the same time, a ban on all public events is introduced, until further notice the activities of entertainment establishments, including bars, discos, karaoke and massage rooms are suspended.

Vietnamese authorities have begun evacuating 80,000 tourists from other provinces of the country who have stopped in Da Nang. By order of the government, tourists who are reported to have stopped in Da Nang between the end of July and the beginning of August are redirected to other resort areas.

In addition, several suspected of organizing the illegal entry of foreign nationals, including citizens of the PRC, were arrested in Da Nang. Detained traffickers and their “clients” are placed in solitary confinement on the premises of temporary detention facilities and tested for coronavirus.