June 22, 2021

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‘In the Heights’ review: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s joyous pre-‘Hamilton’ hit sets the bar high for this year’s movie musicals

'In the Heights' review: Lin-Manuel Miranda's joyous pre-'Hamilton' hit sets the bar high for this year's movie musicals

Of course, there is no certainty about that, since the company (like CNN, part of WarnerMedia) will continue to download the film simultaneously on HBO Max. Whatever the screen captures, the result is a movie about an ancient talisman leaping up, and its sound will follow many around the day to the end.

The Tony Award winner started in 2008 with Miranda on film, and the prize money for the upcoming film “Hamilton.” However, the story here has nothing to do with the country more than that of the author, focusing on the neighborhoods of New York, Washington Heights, and activists and dreamers (including dreamers, by the way) normal) trying to do it there.
Although Miranda took only a small role in the film, the director surrendered to “Hamilton” co-star Anthony Ramos, who, along with his one-time star on HBO’s “In Treatment,” it looks like it will appear this summer even bigger stars than it gets into it. He plays Usnavi, the narrator, bringing a group of smiling kids a story about the neighborhood.

The story sees her running around the area, trying to satisfy her need for Vanessa (Melissa Barrera), who has her own passion to escape and becomes a fashion designer. The other couple have shared in the past, with Nina (Leslie Grace) returning from Stanford, unknowingly or not, and Benny (Corey Hawkins) working for Nina’s father (Jimmy Smits) , who was proud of his daughter’s accomplishments’ heard her concerns.

The neighborhood itself, meanwhile, is changing, threatening the beauty of everyone who knows it and is happy. Usnavi is saving the holiday, returning to his home country of the Dominican Republic, although the prospect of dating has a way of making even the best of plans possible.

The simplicity of this story dispels the deadly music scene of the song, from the beautiful ballads to the Busby Berkeley version of the “96,000” show in the local pool with the beautiful inclusion of Fred Astaire. Throughout the season, the film has been strong in color, with selection options being decided from top to bottom, perhaps mainly Grace (the singer making her debut film) and Barrera (starring in Starz) “Vida”).

As it turns out, “High Place” launches this year’s most popular blockbuster movie for the part of the logjam created by Covid, as well as “Annette” (which will first at Cannes Film Festival),, “West Side News,” “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Everyone Talks About Jamie” are yet to come.

The films are not seen, but in fulfilling the promise of its material and setting a high standard, the audience will really work well if each of them manages to “High” . “

“On the Top” premieres June 11 in the movie on HBO Max. Used PG-13.