July 29, 2021

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In remembrance of the patriot of the era of depression: the right cable report says goodbye to one of ours

It is with great sadness and pain in our hearts that we communicate to all of you the passing of one of the original writers and founders of Right Wire Report.

You may know her as the author of the Patriot series of the era of depression, but many of our members of the Right Wire Report chat community know her as bjz 33 (Brenda), the beloved wife of fhz48 (Frank.)

Born on 9 September 1942, she died surrounded by her family on 19 July 2021.

Frank and Brenda as staunch supporters of President Trump, strong conservatives and American patriots were part of the energies that collided to help create the vision of the Right thread ratio and they were eager to make it a successful attempt.

Frank met Brenda at a garage sale 25 years ago and they got married in 1999. Frank has been sharing it since the day he said “I want it” has been alongside Brenda through three moves and all the ups and downs of life, “Brenda was and still is my one and only.” Surprisingly, Brenda began to lose her sight in her later years, but that didn’t discourage her mission which was to reach out to fellow Americans and inspire and motivate them to change our country’s negative course. Frank would transcribe all of his articles so that we could publish his message. The Right Wire Report community extends our arms around Frank and his family at this time and holds them in our thoughts and prayers.

Brenda was an amazing woman who grew up in the Depression era and loved the traditional values ​​and lessons instilled in her through the generations. He respected his experiences and you can really get an idea of ​​who he was and what he believed by reading the chapters of his series.

She raised four children and sacrificed herself as an American mother as each enlisted to serve their country. She was so proud of each of her guys and recently highlighted their service in an article on the site.

  • # 1 the eldest, he was in the Army for Electronic Warfare in Central and South America and related to the war on drugs.
  • # 2 also in the army, 82nd Airborne, Egypt / Israel and the Sinai Peninsula.
  • The N. 3 was the only marine in the family and has been to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Desert Storm (Highway to Hell), South Korea, the Philippines and Okinawa in Japan.
  • # 4, the youngest, served as Army MEDIVAC in Seoul, South Korea, as a Patriot Missile Officer in QATAR, and attended West Point graduating in 1999. He was part of the West Point football team until an injury interrupted that race.

We will miss Brenda very much. But perhaps the best way to honor her is to continue what she was most passionate about by continuing her mission: to be a patriot and save our Republic from the dangers it saw ahead.

We invite you to hear his clear and resolute voice behind his typed words. You can access all of Brenda’s articles and the Depression Era Patriot series Here.

In particular, a call to action was released in December 2019 in which Brenda recorded an audio file to ignite the patriots:

A call to patriots to stand up and support our president – Donald Trump

Sitting doing nothing, watching your liberties taken? Ready to act? Join Team Strike Force NOW!

This was the rallying call for Right Wire Report to get people active in support of conservatives and our president Donald J. Trump. We have been seeing this for three years. First, through the constant FAKE NEWS media, to bring down the Deporables and try to delegitimize the duly elected president. And now through an impeachment investigation process that can be described as nothing less than a farce.

So what can I do?

A Right Wire Report A co-worker wife made an audio asking Americans to do more and promoting ways everyone can make an impact. This post was updated with episode 2, but you can also listen to previous episodes. His is his sincere message and does not talk about apologies and commitment!

Listen to Episode 1 – “Practical Ways to Support Trump”:

Listen to Episode 2 – “Your Vote Matters – Use Your Constitutional Powers”:

Excellent call to action from the heart. If she can do it, why not you?

Brenda fought the good fight by being a beloved and actively engaged patriot. Now we must take his energy, his passion, pick up the baton he left us and finish the work he so patrioticly praised us to do. Will you remember Brenda and do what she asked of you? This is what she would like us to do.

Please share your memories of Brenda, thoughts and messages for Frank in the comments section below.

“Hail and goodbye” (Hail and goodbye), Brenda.

And as the patriot of the depression era always signed …

Your friend and patriot

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