September 17, 2021

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Improve your Ukrainian by listening to Ukrainian radio stations online

Improve your Ukrainian by listening to Ukrainian radio stations online

It may be difficult to find something to listen to in Ukrainian online. Not because it doesn’t exist, but because you need to know where to look and Google in Ukrainian, not English.

So, I did the research for you 🙂 In this post, I offer you a couple of ways you can practice your Ukrainian with the radio and links to good Ukrainian radio stations which will help you in your learning process.

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Ukrainian radio as a listening exercise

Ukrainian radio stations that you can find in your FM receiver are usually bilingual, as well as television channels. Hence, the news and advertising will mostly be in Ukrainian. But other programs where people chat with each other or interview someone are bilingual, depending on the native language of the person speaking.

It is very common, for example, for morning shows to have 2 presenters: one Ukrainian speaking is one Russian-speaking. Furthermore, it is common for questions and answers to be in different languages ​​during an interview.

Yes, I realize how challenging it can seem to you. But you can use these programs as a listening exercise practice distinguishing between Ukrainian and Russian, noting what peculiarities Ukrainian has compared to Russian in pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary. This is a very important skill that you should to acquire if you are going to come to Ukraine and communicate with people.

Even so, to learn pure Ukrainian I have selected only Ukrainian-speaking radio stations for you. Take a look and listen!

1. Громадське радіо

Hromadske radio is an independent radio station with the latest news, analysis and interviews. The team is non-profit, with the aim of giving news to the Ukrainians without the influence of any political power.

To listen to live radio, press “Зараз в ефiрi “ (on air) or choose a registered program of your interest. Check out their schedule of schedules for the day and week.

Hromadske radio also offers podcasts of their shows: on their website, SoundCloud, in their apps for Apple or Android, and with the TuneIn Radio app (you can download the TuneIn app for iOS or Android and search for “Hromadske Radio”).

Also, check out Hromadske TV.

do you want see something in Ukrainian too? Check out our collection of Authentic Ukrainian videos with Ukrainian subtitles or transcripts!

2. Українське радіо

Українське радіо (Ukrainian radio) is a national radio station that has been part of people’s homes for years. It is no longer so popular with young people, but when we visit our grandparents, for example, the sounds of the Ukrainian radio instantly bring back childhood memories.

“Ukrainian radio” may be a little old-fashioned and not always fun, but it is very good for those who are still learning Ukrainian. First of all, it’s a national radio, so it is only in Ukrainian. Secondly, his language is very correct and refined, the speaker’s voice (especially on the hourly news) is very clear. Furthermore, it is programs contain many files cultural information, traditional Ukrainian songs, etc.

The downside to this is annoying and health-related advertisements … 🙂

But the good thing is that you can change the channel! There are 4 channels in Ukrainian, as you can see in the picture:

Radio 2-Ukrainian

УР1 – First channel

The channel contains information and music programs, news about the most important events in Ukraine and abroad, programs on social, political, cultural topics, children’s programs, etc.

УР2 – “Promin”

This is considered the file youth channel, also with information and news programs, as well as with programs on music and art.

УР3 – Culture

This channel it’s all a matter of culture. In fact, one of our readers told us that he listens to this station regularly. He likes it because it has high quality programs, radio plays, interviews, news, weather. The speakers use excellent grammar and standard Ukrainian pronunciation.

УР4 – Ukrainian World Radio Service

It is a channel mainly on news and politics in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian diaspora.

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3. Music radio stations in Ukrainian

It’s easy to find music radio stations from Ukraine on Google, but you never know which stations speak 100% Ukrainian or which play a lot of music in Russian. So, I asked my friends which stations they recommend with the most Ukrainian language and Ukrainian music:

FB post Ukrainian radio

Are you interested in music? Learn the musical instrument names with our colorful infographic here!

Here are the Ukrainian music stations recommended by my friends:

Urban space radio

This is an excellent project of Ivano-Frankivsk. Urban space radio broadcasts Ukrainian modern music (indie-rock, alternative, pop) and presents programs on urban planning and city development. Go ahead and check their Facebook page to find out when the next talk show or schedule is scheduled.

Skovoroda Radio

4-Radio Skovoroda ukrainainlessons.comThis is also a new modern online radio. Comes from Lviv and plays modern Ukrainian and foreign music. For example, you can often listen to Ukrainian bands like ONUKA, Океан Ельзи, Джамала, Крихітка, Pianoбой, etc.

The name of the station “Skovoroda” is the last name of an important Ukrainian philosopher of the 18th century Григорій Сковорода who had the life of a nomad. This Radio is also considered “the traveling station”, as it occasionally broadcasts from unusual places, such as cafes or shops.

Check out ours podcast episode on Григорій Сковорода!

РАДІО ЄС. Європейська Станція

European radio station of the EU Ia pro-European Ukrainian radio. It has daily news and talk shows on Europe and Ukraine’s integration into Europe, but above all it is a music station; a lot of music are European hits and Ukrainian music in Ukrainian and English language.

Є! UA Radio


If you are looking for a station with only Ukrainian music (not even a word in English!), This is the place for you. It’s just music and it’s mostly pop. Maybe you will discover your favorite Ukrainian bands there!

Honorable mention

Unfortunately, this radio station seems to no longer work. It was created by Ruslana, a famous Ukrainian singer and Eurovision-2004 winner. He wanted to create a radio station with quality Ukrainian music that was creative and at the moment. It was a project that brought Ukrainian music to Ukrainians without limits and in a friendly way.


Do you have a favorite Ukrainian radio station? How do you practice listening to Ukrainian while learning? Share your resources in the comments on our social networks, it will be very useful for the Ukrainian student community!

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