October 19, 2021

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Igor B News: China builds the largest dam in the world

The “Quantum Tech HD” channel on Youtube shows that from Mesopotamia to the present day, the construction of dams has evolved a lot. They started as barriers to stop or limit the flow of surface water or underground waterways. Now, hydroelectricity is used in conjunction with dams to generate electricity and they reach six never seen before. See the construction of the Baihetan Dam, one of the largest dams in the world. Check out this Baihetan Dam construction review and let us know what you think!

Enjoy this Baihetan Dam review!

Mesopotamia (Ancient Greek: Μεσοποταμία Mesopotamíā; Arabic: بِلَاد ٱلرَّافِدَيْن Bilād ar-Rāfidayn; Classical Syriac: ܐܪܡ ܢܗܪ̈ܝܢ, Ārām-Nahrīn or ܒܝܬ ܢܗܪ̈ܝܢ, Bēṯ Nahrīn in western Asia) , in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent. It currently occupies the area of ​​present-day Iraq and parts of Iran, Kuwait, Syria and Turkey. The Sumerians and Akkadians (including Assyrians and Babylonians) dominated Mesopotamia from the beginning of the written history of man (c. 3100 BC).

The Baihetan Dam (Simplified Chinese: 白鹤 滩 大坝; Traditional Chinese: 白鶴 灘 大壩; pinyin: Báihètān Dàbà) is a large hydroelectric dam on the Jinsha River, an upper stretch of the Yangtze River in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, in the south- west of China. The dam is a 277 m high double-curved arch dam with a crest height of 827 m, and a width of 72 m at the base and 13 m at the crest. It is truly considered the latest major hydroelectric project in China to be completed after a series of projects starting with the Three Gorges Dam, the third largest dam in China and the fourth in the world, in terms of dam volume.

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