October 19, 2021

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If you find a woman who doesn’t want your money, never let her go – Rico Swavey

Reality star Rico Swavey wrote a few words of advice to men on how to keep a good woman.

He stated that if a man finds a woman who is not materialistic, he should keep her forever.

According to Rico, there are women who don’t care about a man’s wealth or opulence, and the flashy or elegant home doesn’t intrigue them because they seek genuine love.

He advised men who meet them never to let these women go because they are very rare.

The BBNaija star wrote;

There are some good women out there who don’t give a damn about your money, your fancy cars, or your fancy house.

All they want is someone to love and be loved in return.

If you find one, never let them go !!!

Because they are very rare … ».

Check out his tweet:

[ http://www.neduwealth.com/2021/10/if-you-find-woman-who-doesnt-want-your.html https://d26toa8f6ahusa.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/30214746/a-quiet-place-part-2-bigs-16.pdf