October 25, 2021

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If you don’t respect my freedoms, I don’t respect your pronouns

No group in this world is above ridicule, and that includes the mentally ill. Just because the mentally ill become an organized crowd doesn’t mean they are a group of victims deserving of special protection or treatment. The mentally ill are the LAST people on the planet who should be given the power to dictate the course of society. Madness is, in a sense, contagious. Narcissism is poisonous. Psychopathy is radioactive. Most humans naturally discriminate against these people because every aspect of our biology, every cell of our being warns us that if they are given an iota of control, their destruction will surely follow.

Human tribes and societies have understood this reality for thousands of years. Our repellent reactions to insanity are rooted in our cellular memory. Just as we instinctively withdraw from snakes and spiders, we have also learned over the millennia to back away from troubled minds. But for some reason over the past 5-10 years we have been told to embrace the exact opposite. The fools are now above us. The madman must be worshiped. The fools are our leaders and role models. Biology is wrong, and cultural Marxists and smart ideologues are right.

The new narrative is that tellers of truth and rational people are the “fools” and should be observed or possibly locked up.

I have been writing about politically correct and awakened culture for a long time now, and I must say that the developing trends in social justice are not surprising. However, the rate at which they are forced into the rest of us today is disturbing. One wonders if the awakened crowd is in a hurry to meet some sort of propaganda deadline that the rest of us are unaware of.

Gender and “trans” issues are truly at the forefront of leftist ideology these days. If you have been observing these people for any length of time, you know all about the Olympics of oppression and the intersection totem pole. And you’re probably also aware that people who claim to be trans automatically earn a spot at the top of that totem pole, far above women, blacks, and even ordinary gays. The trans costume is the most powerful of all SJW costumes and gives a person unlimited protection no matter how awful that person may be. It even allows them to dictate the thoughts and speeches of the general public.

For example, there is a policy among Western governments to allow male convicted criminals who claim to be trans women to be interned in women’s prisons. This allows them to rape inmates as they please while claiming special status. Yet, according to the left-wing media, it is men who pose as women who are “victimized” by the guards and inmates. In Britain they are even passing legislation that makes it a crime for prisoners to use the wrong pronouns when referring to a trans inmate.

It is important to note that trans identity is something of a magic ticket for whites in particular. The SJW cult is particularly concerned with all whites (mainly white men) as a kind of monstrous threat to the security and emotional stability of everyone else. If you are a white person within the SJW religion you are immediately hated for your original sin and are relegated to the left sewer. They despise the color of your skin and no amount of help you give as an “ally” will earn you a place among so oppressed saints.

Unless you say you are trans. Then, as if you have touched the pure hand of the SJW deity, you are suddenly absolved of all your inherent white evil and given a cloak of divinity. You are better than everyone else, because you are presumably the most oppressed of all.

Maybe this sounds like a bit of an exaggeration. I’m definitely engaging in hyperbole. I swear I’m not. Western culture is increasingly segregated from the political left into various levels of people based on their skin color, their sexual orientation and mental instability, and the more the orientations are invented and the more volatile the mental instability, the more privileges a person is. granted. Patients are truly taking control of the asylum.

I am revisiting this subject because I have noticed a renewed increase in leftist aggression on the trans issue, and I suspect that this is due to the fact that they are starting to receive more pushbacks from the public. Dave Chappelle’s latest special on Netflix triggered the delicate snowflakes again simply because Chappelle claims what many of us already know: that gender is a biological fact, not a social construct. This has led to numerous angry requests on Twitter for Chappelle to kick off Netflix and cancel it in general. For now it seems these requests are being ignored, which is exactly what should happen anytime, anywhere.

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Others, like author JK Rowling, weren’t as lucky. And I suspect that if Dave Chappelle was white it would be a whole other story. Sometimes the people in the center of the totem pole can get away with criticizing another group on the progressive stack, but if you’re a straight white there is no allowance.

Why do people who represent a small percentage of the population (around 0.3% or less) receive enormous special attention and enjoy unprecedented legal regulations in their favor? Because states like California are going to great lengths to force the public to welcome the tiny trans minority, to the point of passing laws that make it a crime to have separate toy aisles for boys and girls, or trying to make ignorance of favorite pronouns illegal. of a person?

Again, it appears that the left (mostly middle-class and wealthy white progressives) are creating some sort of last pass for the victims: a way to climb to the top of the totem pole from below. All they have to do is loudly denounce the biological gender and say they are “trans”, and as if by magic they join a new civil rights movement where they are the right “freedom fighters” in a false revolution for a false cause.

Anyone who claims conflicting views on the trans issue is usually met with accusations of fanaticism and “transphobia”. After all, why should we care that the trans movement gets everything it wants? Is it because we are biased?

This is a gaslighting tactic among the left to discourage any criticism of their activities. For most people who oppose corporate marketing and government laws in favor of gender neutrality, our interest is to fight against propaganda and disinformation, not against trans people in general.

There are some real transsexual men and women out there who suffer from a disorder called “Gender Dysphoria”. It is an extremely rare condition; a mental illness that is mostly harmless to the rest of society but causes a high rate of depression and suicide among those who suffer from it. I have no problem with these people or their existence. What I have a problem with is that social justice Marxists exploit gender dysphoria as a weapon in their ideological warfare to tear down Western society and replace it with their dystopian view.

The problem here is not with real trans people, but with respect for freedom of speech and thought. You see, every single aspect of the left movement is about collectivism and control. They say they care about minorities and their well-being, but in reality they are only using them to further their twisted political achievements. Whether we are talking about the critical theory of race or the transgender movement, the ultimate goal is always the same: the left wants to put itself in the position of arbiter on which discourse is acceptable and which discourse is not acceptable.

Once they are allowed to dictate what is and what is not “hate speech”, they control ALL of the speech. Control is obviously the agenda rather than the defense of minorities; all you have to do is examine how they treat minorities who are outside the box. See how they attack blacks like Dave Chappelle, classic feminists like JK Rowling, gays like Dave Rubin, or even trans conservatives like Blaire White. They are part of the precious totem pole, but as soon as one of these people leaves the left plantation or speaks contrary to the main agenda, they are declared a heretic and brutally excommunicated.

The purpose of the trans movement and the purpose of social justice in general is twofold: the first purpose is to tear down the foundations of Western society and create chaos so that the left can replace the existing culture with its own communist structure. The second purpose is to use alleged “victim groups” as a shield from any criticism of their agenda by controlling the language and labeling people who oppose them as “intolerant”.

The battle over pronouns is indicative of this agenda because it requires the forced participation of all in the delusions of a minority of people with mental instability. It requires that I respect someone who has not earned it and is not entitled to it, and I call it whatever etiquette they dictate I call them for as long as they want. And if I don’t, I’m evil and should be punished by the state or the mafia.

Imagine if schizophrenics decided to join in a movement to demand that the rest of society call them with whatever delusional person they find themselves fantasizing about that day. A boy suddenly decides that Monday is Napoleon Bonaparte or Jesus Christ and I should please him or be called a bigot? There’s really no difference between that and what the LGBTQ movement-whatever is asking when it comes to their made-up pronouns.

I don’t really care if a person wants to declare themselves transgender. That action itself doesn’t really affect me and I hope it makes them happy. I think they should seek psychological help because if they indeed have gender dysphoria, then they are statistically much more likely to commit suicide (and it’s not because society makes them commit suicide, there is no evidence to support that claim). Beyond that, as long as they don’t turn their sexual preferences into a political mob, there’s really no conflict. If I really like the person and respect my personal freedoms, I might as well use his pronouns, who knows. Frankly, I don’t think a reasonable person would care about pronouns outside of their biology.

War arises when the left and the trans people they exploit try to impose their ideology and opinions on the rest of us. The fight is for freedom, not for trans people. If you want to check how I speak, how I think and how I live; If you don’t respect my freedoms, then I don’t respect you. You are not owed or entitled to respect just because you were born or because you think you are special. Get respect by earning respect. Get respect for your actions, not your identity.

The world is not here to welcome you or your pronouns. People aren’t here to adapt their speech to protect your feelings. Your feelings don’t matter. Your pronouns don’t matter. You will be measured by your successes and how much or how little you violate the rights of others. And if your goal is to manipulate or control the way the rest of us speak or interact according to our natural biological preferences, then maybe you should start your company somewhere else? Maybe somewhere far, far away …

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