October 16, 2021

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I swore I could never forgive Joshua tuberculosis

Popular Nigerian film producer and actor Jim Iyke has confirmed that it will be very difficult for him to forgive the late prophet TB Joshua for treatment he received years before his death.

Jim Iyke became a topic of discussion on National TV and social media when a video of him receiving release in the synagogue church went viral on the internet with people reacting to it.

It would have been revised in the viral video that an evil spirit speaking through the actor was heard confessing what was blocking his chances of getting married. Through the video, the spirit revealed why Jim Iyke was not married. Jim Iyke in a new interview with Channels TV blamed the late man of God and general superintendent of the synagogue church of all nations, the late TB Joshua for what he did when he took his mother to his church for deliverance.


The drama of liberation in the church

“And I said ordinary men, this is childish, that’s not why we came here. Let’s get Mom out of here and keep getting medical help. Then we were about to go to South Africa, this young man was recommended to us, also a specialist. “Then the gentleman in question looked at me and saw the fun on my face and touched me. Now I can’t explain what happened in that space of time. In those 5 minutes, everything happened.


“I’m not here to start offering explanations for spiritual things that are far beyond me. I am a man who understands how things work. Which I cannot explain and no one can suggest anything else because I personally know what happened to me. “At that time there is no explanation, they said I said things, did things that I found extremely embarrassing.”


“At that point, I too was told that there will be a cure in hell, I will go. You’re talking about your mother. So we went. I remember going there with my security officer, my sister and PA. And when we got there, I was upstairs but there was a constant insistence that I come to church. And I said, ‘but that wasn’t the deal because I kept my mom in the hospital and I was expecting you would put your hand on her and she will be better, but they said’ no you have to come to church ‘. “


“Then my sister forced me and we went to the church downstairs. I was there when the whole thing about touching people started, I found it a little ridiculous really because this is national TV and people are watching from all angles. I remember my sister pinched me and said, “You have to stop.”


According to Jim Iyke, this is what happened right at the church headquarters. Everything that happened was like a movie to him, at one point he felt embarrassed by his actions. Not only the late TB Joshua, most pastors take advantage of people when they seek the spiritual intervention of these men of God.

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