September 18, 2021

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I feel broken and downcast – Tega’s husband complains in an interview

In an interview with famed Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut, AJ Money said his wife’s attitude left him heartbroken and dejected.

The interview began with the question of how long they have been married and said they have been married for practically four years.

When asked if they had planned everything that happened in the house, AJ Money said that before Tega left for Big Brother’s house, he said he would “do everything” except make love in the house. But he reminded her that she is a married woman, so she has to go there and represent them as a married woman and she accepted.

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He said he didn’t understand what he was seeing on TV next. “I was really devastated when I saw it,” he said. “I know where I come from, we are a very responsible family. I wonder why she went there and did what she did. “

AJ Money also said he hasn’t seen his wife since leaving the Big Brother house on Sunday and hasn’t spoken on the phone.