July 29, 2021

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I am white and have no guilt, hate and apology

I’m tired and wary, but I’m not mistaken about false accusations, even silly accusations against the Whites, a group to which I belong through no fault of my own. It’s time to call on the racists, black and white, who hide their hatred, anger, inferiority or bigotry behind the fig leaf of whites’ despicable accusations. Whites appear to be responsible for everything, including, but not limited to, sunspots, dandruff, arthritis, and sandstorms in Saudi Arabia.

We are basically told that whites are born with a target behind their head because they are white.

Let me remind my readers that most of the good things we enjoy in the free world have been done by “dead white men”. No, no all things, but most of the things were done by white men, not by non-whites or by non-men. It is not politically correct to say this, but only a fool, a fanatic or a forger denies it. Others will agree that it is true, but they do not want to be talked about because the truth offends some people.

Sin. Welcome to the real world. Being offended will not kill anyone, and sooner or later they will get over it. If not, that’s life. And I’m tired of minorities constantly ridiculing whites to feel superior. They’ve made up a false story of self-exaltation in which they celebrate, although during occasional bouts of honesty they know it’s all a sham.

But they feel better.

For schools, teaching that being white is a curse, a shame, and something to be overcome is outrageous, hateful and offensive. Anyone connected to such a farce should be fired and banned from the classroom forever at all levels. Any preacher who is stupid enough to teach it should be tarred and feathered and escape the city on a railroad track. Any media person who goes so low in promoting such nonsense should be forever doomed to make time at a remote station in the Aleutian Islands. Also, they should be forced to perform with a Jeffrey Toobin Award hanging around their neck.

Facts are inflexible and honest people accept them even if they are embarrassing. There are good and bad people of all races in all strata of society. Also, everyone should make the necessary adjustments to leave this better world because he was here. I believe that the most immediate and permanent change is true Christian conversion which has an impact on every area of ​​life. Others will reject this approach and try everything from atheism to Zoroastrianism.

Every American has the right to be wrong.

Other fanatics are striving for an amalgamated society with no variation except a slight difference in hue: not black, red or yellow and not white for sure. It seems so cosmopolitan, multicultural, progressive, useless, free and so hated. If God has allowed each of us to be born as we are, is it wise to tamper with this arrangement? What’s wrong with keeping the the status quo? What’s wrong with having the original piano of various shades?

After all, there is a black continent made up of 52 nations, and no one suggests that they become more white or less black. We have a lot of Asian countries that are basically yellow-skinned people, and no one is suggesting they get bastardized. So why not keep America basically as it is with all the various shades and colors? Why do Whites need to be assimilated? No one can prove that such an outcome would be beneficial to society.

Let’s keep it as it is through voluntary choices: Whites, 75%; Blacks, 12%; Hispanic, 11%; American Indians, 10% and Asians, 3.6%. If a black chooses to marry a white person, then go there but don’t try to force us through government action or even social intimidation to ridicule, repudiate and reject whites in order to arrive at a very dubious social experiment.

Most of us would say it’s okay if a black wants to marry a white person who likes everything that goes with such a union. So why is it wrong if a white decides to marry only one other white person, or a black decides to marry only one other black person, wanting what goes with that: the inheritance, the color, the family ties, the conservation of a group, etc. .?

In recent years, in partnership with the feds, environmental fanatics have gone to despicable extremes to preserve the spotted owl, snail, and yellow-bellied bloodsucker, so why not keep America as the land of the free and home of the brave. ? Why is it admirable for Native Americans, Hispanics, Blacks, Arabs and others to proclaim their ethnicity aloud, but when a white person who speaks English does, they all treat him as a bigot? This is a topic that no one wants to deal with. It’s like an elephant sitting in a formal living room that no one admits there is! While I don’t want to be identified with white supremacists, I think it’s fair and desirable to keep the white heritage and culture alive.

It’s scary that white people apologized for being white. IS first band Evidence that we hate people if we think that being white is as good as black, brown, etc.? There are far more nations populated by black people than white nations. Why not have a white majority nation here and there around the world?

Hispanics, blacks, American Indians, etc., should be proud of their nationality and race; after all, God made them that way. So do you mind if I believe the same thing about being white and speaking English? And why turn America into another Spanish-speaking nation? Aren’t there enough of them south of the United States?

New immigrants to the United States should learn to speak English. This is the less they can do. Teddy Roosevelt suggested that any immigrant who did not learn English within five years of their arrival should be sent home! Tally Ho, Teddy!

My grandchildren have the right to live in a country similar to the one I knew, so I don’t want them to see our culture changed to that of the seventh century Arabian desert or a third world African nation. It is not unreasonable to expect America to reflect the America I grew up in.

Yes, I believe America is superior to all other nations, even with some madmen around who claim otherwise.

It can’t happen, but I would like a return to the relative innocence of the 1950s, when we once again believe that there is a difference between right and wrong, and we have a moral responsibility to choose the right. We can discriminate because we will make value judgments about cars, music, television, politics and even religion.

With the massive increase in legal and illegal immigration, we will lose our national identity. Some think it’s good. I’m not one of them. People from Europe who immigrate to the United States are much easier to assimilate than most nations in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Only fools say that all immigrants are equal. My critics will say it’s clear evidence of bigotry and hatred, but it’s a fact. And anyone’s refusal to acknowledge such truths clearly indicates closed-mindedness or prejudice.

When many immigrants come to America and maintain loyalty to former homelands, it erodes our society. Duel loyalty weakens our strength, stability and security. If we have to assimilate a million new Americans here, do you think it would be easier to assimilate a million Brits or a million Haitians? I don’t want new immigrants for a few years.

Proponents of the salad bowl theory tell us that one culture or religion is as good as another. My critics tell us that a stone age culture of 300 members with all its barbarism, brutality and backwardness is just as viable, valuable and virtuous as our modern, urban and sophisticated society with elevators, airplanes, cars, hospitals, MRI machines, computers, etc. Likewise, voodoo cultures that practice witchcraft, shamanism, demonism, pantheism, etc., are acceptable and on par with Christianity. I don’t believe it either.

Even you.

I believe that some immigration is acceptable, even if I would stop it for five years, and people who want to merge with our culture should have priority. Most Americans want a cultural and national melting pot, not a salad bowl. If we continue with unrestricted, legal and illegal immigration, this crucible will become a chamber pot. (If you don’t know, look for it.)

There should be rules, restrictions and requirements for immigrants. While limiting immigration, we should raise our entry requirements that all immigrants must sing in English all the lines of “America, the Beautiful” and whistle the national anthem at the same time, with a mouthful of salty crackers! Well, maybe not quite that extreme, but almost!

Immigrants who ask us to be sensitive to their feelings when they don’t care about ours are boring. We have our own language, lifestyle, culture, music (as it is), and I am tired of foreigners who enjoy all the many benefits of our nation and are not sensitive to our feelings. America has opened its collective arms and invited anyone and everyone to its shores without asking questions and without obligations, all in the name of multiculturalism and non-discrimination. We have been fools and we see the denunciation, denigration and destruction of American culture before our very eyes. This has to stop!

We are often told that new immigrants take offense when we sing patriotic hymns, wave the American flag, and pray to Christ. Too bad, no one goes through life without being offended. This is a big world, so they can move somewhere else. I saw a lot of empty space in the Arabian desert!

I was born white and will probably stay that way until I die. What shade or color I become then, I don’t care. While I am embarrassed by some white Americans, I am generally proud of the accomplishments of whites. I will treat all people with respect until their actions prove that they are jerks, cheaters, liars, incompetents, charlatans, scammers, charlatans or progressives.

Also, I’m not ashamed of being white and have no reason to apologize. This will not happen if there is a big freeze in a place that the Bible speaks of or if all the shrimp in Louisiana learn to whistle Dixie in harmony.

No guilt, no hate, no fear, no excuse.

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