September 18, 2021

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Hymn is slowly dying “Tuface Idibia’s brother Charles responds to Annie Idibia and then accuses his mother of being involved in” Juju “

Charles Idibia, one of the singer’s brothers, Tuface Idibia, responded to his brother’s wife, Annie Idibia, after she called her family.

Annie had gone to her Instagram Stories to bang Tuface, her family and her children’s mothers

He added that the mothers of Tuface’s children use their children as “an excuse for all sorts of garbage.”

She also said that Tuface’s family never loved her.

Responding, Tuface’s brother Charles Idibia slammed Annie and accused her of railing online because she couldn’t get what she wanted today.

He told her he must think her family members were fools because they are peaceful.

He then added that Tuface is “slowly dying” and has never seen a man “as unhappy in real life” as Tuface, but the family must cover Annie to keep the peace.

He then implied that Annie’s mother does “juju”.

"Hymn is slowly dying" Tuface Idibia

"Hymn is slowly dying" Tuface Idibia