September 18, 2021

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Hunter Biden needs a break

Ray Cardello is a collaborator of the Right thread ratio

Sometimes it is difficult to control the president’s children. The Obamas have kept their two daughters out of the public eye, as have George and Laura Bush. Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have made only the best Middle East deal of our life. Then we have Hunter Biden. If Hunter were a dog, he would need a stronger leash. Hunter Biden is a mess and has been throughout his adult life. Hunter Biden is a disaster, from having an affair with his dead brother’s wife to being discharged from the army for drug abuse to relations with Ukraine and China.

Joe and Dr. Jill isn’t a story to write about, but Hunter Biden’s life is sad enough for an ID Network exposure. It is fitting that Hunter is Joe Biden’s son. Hunter is supposed to be a tearful story, but it’s how he took every opportunity to turn his shortcomings into significant financial gains on his family name that is the problem. The fact that Joe Biden was complicit in some of these illicit earning plans adds to the concern. Of course, the media refused to investigate the part Joe played, and the Justice Department fell short of their responsibility in reaching the truth. Even when Hunter Biden’s laptop was found in a local repair shop laden with a cache of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, more than 2,000 photos, no one seemed worried. Of course, when Trump sounded the alarm about this plot, it was dismissed as a hoax or conspiracy by the left and the press.

Hunter the author

Now let’s get to Hunter’s actions in just eight months since his father was elected president. Beautiful Things: A Memoir was released in April this year. A revealing book Hunter wrote about his life as a drug addict and alcohol. Hunter told us on his book tour that the book is a factual account. Yet when asked by someone, he couldn’t even remember whether the laptop was his or not. Hunter also states in the memoir that she has only four children, disavowing her son due to an affair with a nightclub stripper. He agreed to pay child support to his son’s mother after she sued him for non-payment. Hunter appears to have a selective memory in his book. He swears on his facts but reminds us he was a drug addict when the facts are confused. The truth is, had it not been for the Biden name, no publisher would have touched this book and there would never have been a world tour of the book.

Hunter the artist

The art world is already known for being one of the largest money laundering firms in existence. Huge sums of money are undoubtedly exchanging hands for all that some call art. Art is the world Hunter Biden decided to play in. Hunter already knows how to shake up foreign companies and governments that trade money for influence with his father. Now he can produce “pieces of art” and sell them for six figures or more to people anywhere in the world. Art, of course, comes with the opportunity to sell contact with his father in an elegant wooden frame. This new hobby is wrong on so many levels. Aside from money laundering and the peddling of influence, the Hunter pieces he creates by blowing paint through a straw are worthy of carnival art. It’s probably good that he’s found new uses for straws, better than those used in his past addictions.

The White House has assured us that Hunter Biden will have no contact or know the identity of anyone who purchases his art. Seriously? There is no way on God’s land that can happen. It has already been shown that the gallery that manages the exhibition of Biden’s works has ties to China. Has anyone doubted this for a minute? Those doubters are the same people who will overlook the Made in China tag on the back of each piece.

by Ray Cardello

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