July 29, 2021

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How will national Covid vaccine passports work in England? | Current world news | Latest news

What changes have the ministers announced?

The main one is the full introduction of what we could call domestic vaccination passports: from the end of September, people in England will have to prove that they have had both doses of Covid to enter the clubs, and for what are described as “other clubs”. where large crowds gather ”.

How is this different from what is happening now?

It is a change of policy on two fronts. First, during the fourth and presumably last phase of the release, which began on Monday, all businesses were able to reopen without any distancing or Covid entry requirements, including nightclubs. These offices have been “encouraged” to use some sort of Covid certification but this is not mandatory. The other change is that previous incarnations of the national Covid certification plans have not only been based on hits, but have also allowed people to prove their status with a recent negative Covid test or one that shows Covid antibodies. Under the new plans, it will only be double vaccination.

Will there be exemptions?

Yes. People who have “real medical reasons why they cannot be vaccinated” will not be subject to the regime. Details on who will be included in this have not yet been released.

Why is this done?

For several reasons. One has to do with concerns about the potential extent of Covid infections among crowds of younger, often unvaccinated people locked together in enclosed, noisy spaces. The wait until the end of September is designed to allow anyone over 18 to be offered both shots and another two weeks for these to take effect. This policy will also provide a strong incentive for the vaccination of the youngest.