July 29, 2021

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How true is this story about Liz Cheney slapping Jim Jordan’s hand during the January 6th riot?

Liz Cheney slapped the hand of GOP rep Jim Jordan and said to get away from me, you did when he tried to escort her during the uprising on the Capitol.

  • Republican Representative Liz Cheney said, according to a new book, she slapped the hand of fellow GOP representative Jim Jordan during the January 6 Capitol uprising.
  • “Stay away from me. You fucking did this,” Cheney told Jordan when he offered her help during the chaos in the Chamber room that day.
  • Cheney was voted Republican No. 3 in the House in May for breaking up with Trump and voting with Democrats to impeach him.
  • Jordan, on the other hand, backed Trump’s claims that the 2020 elections were illegitimate due to a series of electoral fraud.

Liz Cheney said she slapped the hand of fellow Republican representative Jim Jordan during the January 6 uprising on the Capitol when he tried to offer her help, excerpts from a new detail in the book.

The book by two Washington Post reporters reveals a phone call between the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Cheney in which Mark Milley asked her how she was following the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters.

“That fucking boy Jim Jordan. That son of ab *** h, “excerpts from CNN claim he said, according to the book Only I Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Last Catastrophic Year.

How true is this story, and does this story make sense?

  • First of all, any book written by Washington Post reporters with quotes from CNN is a red flag of truth and highly problematic. These people have been trapped in so many lies and propaganda promotion in the past, which makes the credibility of the story highly questionable.
  • Liz Cheney was the leader of the GOP party. Dumping “F” bombs and cursing at his colleagues is offensive to a person in this position. What an irony for a person who has TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and despises Trump – where she would often cite the horrors, in her opinion, of Trump’s language. Is this the pot that calls the black kettle?
  • January 6 was supposed to be an “insurrection”. It was allegedly the worst event since the civil war. If you were so worried about your personal safety, wouldn’t you accept anyone’s help? Or did Liz Cheney think Jim Jordan was involved and physically afraid of Jim Jordan?
  • Was Jim Jordan involved? What evidence does Liz Cheney have? Just because of an opinion from Jim Jordan, was she really that afraid of him? Really? No, if he really said what he said, he said it out of sheer drama. Which makes Liz Cheney a highly dishonest person, someone not to be taken with any credibility.

NPR also notes:

“Here, as in their first book (and many Woodward books), the source includes recorded statements and a mix of other forms of attribution. We are told that this is done to allow sources to be available and certainly makes it possible for journalists to listen to much more than they otherwise would. And in the 140 interviews the authors claim to have conducted, it feels a lot more than before.

So we often hear that a particular player “tells the confidants” certain information, with the confidants presumably acting as conduits for the reporters. There are other instances where we are told that a powerful person close to Trump has had certain thoughts or reactions that perhaps only that person would be aware of. But we’re largely left to trust the authors to report what has been shared with them, whatever the attribution agreements.

This gives Rucker-Leonnig’s narrative a compelling sense of almost fictional omniscience, as if the authors had been present and taken notes in a series of conversations they had never heard.

As they say, it’s a free country, believe all the nonsense you want, but my “BS” detector says this story is false – it makes little sense. But maybe it does good propaganda and provides a good clickbait to promote a money-making book.

Syndication source for the original RWR article.

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