September 22, 2021

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How to Overcome Challenges and Gain Power in Online Dating

How to Overcome Challenges and Gain Power in Online Dating

The pandemic has caused some problems that I can not be ignored: the global economic crisis, mental health problems, etc. When it comes to dating and relationships, there are some concerns as well, but these can be overcome.

What is “learned helplessness”? (And how to overcome it):

According to modern psychology, learned helplessness means a state that occurs after an individual has repeatedly experienced highly stressful situations – this individual begins to believe that He can not change or control the situation; as a result, they gave up.

Someone I know has been divorced three times at the age of 36. That is not common in that culture, so he was very frustrated and unmotivated when it came to dating and relationships. Consequently, it is not also looking for a partner (now 40 years old).

This is an example of learned helplessness.

Well, of which get me wrong. I’m not to say that living a solo life is a problem. I actually think it’s fine if you prefer to live a single lifestyle – that’s definitely fine. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I quite like Dr. Peter McGraw’s podcast: Solo – a single person’s guide to an extraordinary life in which Dr. Peter McGraw and his guests talk about the beauty of being soloists for now (and / or forever).

That said, if you prefer a couple lifestyle, you’ll probably want to know how to get over learned helplessness, especially when you’ve been through stressful dating and relationship situations and you of which know how to keep trying.

Indeed, a large number of men in Western countries are not looking for more western women because of what they have experienced previously. Instead, they are looking for Eastern European women because they know that Slavic women are better candidates: they are elegant women, ideal wives. Consequently, these men use international dating sites like to meet suitable candidates from Eastern Europe.

In other words, when you find a certain type of women uninteresting, you of which you have to give up dating and relationships – all you have to do is focus on meeting a different type of women who will offer you a completely different experience in your love life. A woman and another woman can be as different as one Apple and the year Orange!

How to gain power:

Some psychologists ask their patients questions like “What happened in your childhood? “I understand why psychologists want to know those answers: they need to find out the story before they can come up with solutions. However, sometimes this can become co-compulsion gold co-rumination. In other words, the psychologist is brooding with the patient without make real progress.

Yes, sometimes you need to explore your past to find the answer to your question and identify relevant solutions. There is a time and a place for these problem-solving activities. But in this article, I would like to provide you with some unconventional techniques so that you can become more empowered today when it comes to online dating and relationships.

First of all, you have to keep learning. According to neuroscience, when you learn something new, your brain will form new pathways. This is how you change your brain and change your life.

Personally, I always learn something new every day by reading a chapter of a book or watching a documentary. I think this is the best way to create new information in the brain and improve myself as a person.

No me I will not do that forget my past. I I can not change my past. I can only learn from my past. In the meantime, I am constantly working on myself because I can only control my current life and influence my future.

Second, online dating is actually a type of personal development. More specifically, online dating gives you access to many different candidates I wouldn’t they usually meet in real life. These people give you new opportunities that you may want to explore. By interacting with new people, you are experiencing something new and refreshing. This same activity gives power.

Third, offline dating is also a very effective way to empower yourself. It can be a blind date, attending a speed dating event, etc. When you meet like-minded people in real life, you can make connections faster. No one is designed to be an island – you are biologically programmed to connect with others.

Last but not least, making more friends in general is also very empowering. Your network is extremely important in many ways. For example, you need to build your network before you need to find a new job, right? Dig the well before you are thirsty!

“Learning, hanging out and socializing are powerful ways to empower yourself.”