September 17, 2021

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How to naturally attract a Slavic woman

How to naturally attract a Slavic woman

Many of our preconceptions about what first dates should be like are instilled in us from a young age. Yet sadly, much of this advice is incorrect and causes the same boring first dates every single time. The typical boring first date is the dinner date, meaning you meet her at a restaurant for a three-course meal, talk for two hours, and then decide how to end the date awkwardly. No I am not saying dinner dates are all bad. However, as a first date, it is a failed start for the following reasons:

Reason No. 1: there is no external focus.

When you sit down for a dinner date in a restaurant, you immediately create a very intense dynamic where you and the Ukrainian lady are both sitting face to face and have a conversation out of nowhere – you don’t even know each other yet. In other words, all your attention is on each other. Missing a file external focus makes the interaction awkward.

Reason No. 2: there is none shared Experience.

Most people who have ever had relationships have had the dinner date as their first date. It makes me yawn. In my opinion, a first date should be something more memorable. You’d better share something with each other so that they remember the first date clearly. It should be something that gives you and the Ukrainian woman the opportunity to get in touch. Therefore, the first date must be an environment where you can have fun while getting to know each other.

I understand that most people want to play it safe on a first date (better safe than sorry), so they don’t want to take any chances by doing something out of their comfort zone. But unfortunately, playing it safe not Bring to excitement is attraction.

  • What you should do on a first date with a Ukrainian woman:

I have interviewed many Western men and asked them where they usually go on a first date. This is what they told me: they often go to three places for the first date: 1) restaurants; 2) cinema; 3) bars and pubs.

While these aren’t terrible places, they’re not ideal. The worst of them is the cinema because it’s not even a real date – both of you are sitting while watching a movie without talking to each other. You can do it with anyone!

There is no chance to connect and flirt, so you miss the whole point of the first date. You can’t know yourself sitting in the cinema!

Ideally, the first date should make it easy to chat and show the Ukrainian woman that you are much more creative than just having a few drinks in a pub or having a three-course meal in a restaurant.

Now I’d like to show you several ideas regarding great places for first dates:

Place n. 1: ice cream parlors

When you text a Ukrainian lady, “Now I want ice cream. You have to try this ice cream shop on ABC Street because they have the best toppings and a wide variety of flavors”, this idea sounds very intriguing. This is ten times more interesting. than asking her for a coffee.

By the way, when you go to an ice cream shop with a Ukrainian woman, it’s much easier to talk about funny things like ice cream flavors.

Place n. 2: parks

If it’s summer, you can bring food to a park with an Eastern European lady for one picnic. Ask her to bring some food as well so that she has to invest in the appointment. You More invests in the date, the closer she will hear you.

Aside from that, any kind of scheduled garden walk is a good first date because when you’re close to the nature, you become more emotional. Remember: dating is a emotional experience rather than a logical Experience. You have to build a fort emotional connection with your Eastern European girlfriend.

Place n. 3: high tea, morning tea or afternoon tea

A place that offers tea and snacks is usually more exciting than a pub that offers drinks. Plus, you can send a sophisticated message to the Eastern European lady: “I’ll have morning tea with cakes on Tuesday if you’d be kind enough to join me at 123 XYZ Street.”

“The first date can be an opportunity to do something that gets you fantasy that you haven’t had for a long time. “