September 17, 2021

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How to have a better connection with a Slavic woman

How to have a better connection with a Slavic woman

When two people meet, opposites attract. Therefore, it is very exciting. After that, when they move in together, commonality builds gradually. However, the more you have in common, the less exciting the relationship becomes. The real problem is: people think waning attraction is a relationship problem. But in fact it is not; it’s a physics problem. It certainly is not a death sentence, but we should know how to create the dynamics we desire in a romantic relationship. Well, you’ll be spending nights on the couch wearing your hygge pants, eating popcorn while watching TV. It is absolutely fine. However, it becomes a problem when this is the norm: you of which they still have something to say to each other. At that moment, you’d better remember dancing with polarity by creating opposites, uniqueness as well as filling your cup. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • How to continue creating attraction in a relationship with a Slavic woman:

Start with reducing the level of ambient noise in your daily life, such as smartphone, TV and email. Then notice how much time you spend in your file thought body VS yours sensation body. People say “arousal” happens in your brain, but it does not true. You have to be able to feel your body.

To do this, you need to distinguish between your “go” mode (which you use at work) and your “flow” mode (what you need for the attraction). After 8 hours of “go”, “flow” I wouldn’t occur naturally or rapidly. However, all you have to do is move your body: 5 minutes of dancing to the rhythm of the music will bring you back into your body. You can do this in the office before you go home in the afternoon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You would do well to warm up your body. Is simple. Music definitely helps. A good cologne helps too. Maybe you could have scented hand cream in your car for commuting or turn off the radio in your car while sitting quietly. This is a conscious experience. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • How to keep the spark alive in a romantic relationship with a Slavic woman:

First and foremost, consider taking the time apart from. If two individuals stay together 24/7, they begin to depolarize; there is no more friction. If you exist in opposite spaces, it will help you to have some friction, which is great. You could recreate it by spending enough time apart so that there is a freshness when you get back together again.

For example, when you come home from work, you spend 10 minutes away. Maybe you can take a shower or take the dog for a walk, so you reset yourself that way (before getting back together in a very romantic sense).

Second, be disciplined. Many people struggle to dress up and have a date night, but then look at their smartphone during their dinner date. Suddenly, they ask: “You called the plumber today? “It’s a conversation on the sofa.

Australian coach Wala Truscott’s advice is to present borders like “no smartphone in the bedroom”. Hold weekly meetings to sort out mundane or logistical things, so when you have a night date, you can talk about other things. Additionally, you could even spend the previous night away from your Slavic woman before the night date (for example, at your best friend’s or parents’ house so that you can create space and then go and pick up your Slavic woman for the dinner date. seems like a real date rather than going out for dinner at a restaurant.)

Third, you must have yours own interests. Ideally, you should have some interests outside of your relationship. The best way to do this is to find new hobbies and try new things, so when you get home, your experiences spark conversation. You can start somewhere / anywhere: woodworking, painting, … as this will surely open up many opportunities to find out what else is possible and available. Just start. Do something uncommon. This will keep the spark alive in your relationship with a Slavic woman.

Remember: routine is the real killer of arousal. Therefore, all you have to do is mix things up. Why don’t you sit outside and talk instead of on the sofa? If it’s cold outside, you can grab a blanket and cuddle yourself. Always mix the rinse and repeat. Look, be uncomfortable it is not always a bad thing!

โ€œIt is your responsibility to make sure the spark is I live in your relationship! “