September 22, 2021

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How to get married and stay married to a Ukrainian woman

How to get married and stay married to a Ukrainian woman

In modern society, most people try to do more, achieve more, achieve more…. There is nothing wrong with becoming a successful player. But if this grueling process makes you feel tired and confused, you may need to reevaluate the way you operate in your love life with your Ukrainian wife and your business or career.

The truth about the “frenzy”:

In contemporary society, many people wear frenzy like a badge of honor. They think they can appear to be of high value if they are constantly busy. This is why fatigue and burnout are so common these days. Sadly, social media platforms have made it worse because people always think they should do more to look better than their friends on Facebook or Instagram.

The way I see it, rather than confronting those who are showing the highlight of their life on the internet and finding ourselves lacking, reading all the search results and deciding that we need to do more for our marriages, our children, our work and our community, or following every self-help advice and disturbing our lives so full of improvements that we don’t even have enough space to enjoy the so-called improved life, now is the right time for us to let it be enough.

“The dominant culture’s obsession with thinking that we should do more and be more manifests itself most acutely in our marriages and working lives,” says Darren J., a British boy who is married to a Ukrainian wife. “I went to Ukraine last year to see my wife – at that moment I just met her on an international dating site, so I decided to meet her in person. When I was in Ukraine, I realized that people in Ukraine don’t really appreciate work. It was an eye-opening experience. “

In fact, most people in Western countries have been conditioned to believe that the way to be valuable is to always go the extra mile, to devote more and more hours to work, to engage more and more in their marriages, to do more and more and more and more. However, I guess by now you can understand why more isn’t necessarily better and how deliberately using breaks and withdrawal can really lead to the same, if not better results, not to mention preserving your health and well-being.

After we get married, the pressure of presenting ourselves more and more as a spouse and drowning our children in attention, affection, love and activities can bring the stronger parent to their knees with feelings of inadequacy and burnout and wondering if is doing enough or not. This is especially true in modern Western culture. But Darren’s Ukrainian wife revealed a different perspective. “Doing less is the way to better outcomes and well-being in my marriage,” says Darren’s wife from Ukraine, “When I start managing my energy more efficiently, I am validated with better health and well-being. Mine. husband and I run a successful business. We are also validated with more clients, better testimonials, getting more done and earning more. “

The truth about parenting:

Darren and his Ukrainian wife have a beautiful daughter. When it comes to parenting, this lovely couple also have their own philosophy.

“Parenting is not like an activity where there are positive outcomes such as increased profits or customer loyalty to show us that what we are doing is right,” says Darren, the British boy who is married to an elegant lady. Ukrainian, “Essentially, there is no relationship between a child’s well-being, academic performance or behavior and the amount of time his / her parents spent with him / her, between the ages of 4 and 12 – I read a newspaper article about this search result. “

Of course, that study didn’t overlook the importance of individual dinners and family dinners in the evenings. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that in adolescence the situation changes: more time spent with a mother, delinquent behavior decreases. Therefore, Darren’s Ukrainian wife has decided that she will spend more time with her daughter when she becomes a teenager.

More importantly, research shows that the degree to which dad to enjoy parenting has a major impact on decreasing behavioral problems at school compared to quantity of the time that dads spend with their children. Yup, quality is more important than quantity. But how do we define quality?

Well, according to the researchers, quality time it doesn’t have to be expensive or super special or some magical activity. In fact, quality time can be going to the park after dinner and actually listening to your child talk about his day. It can be 10 minutes when your kids come home from school where you put away your laptop and cell phone and sit with your kids for dinner and you are 100% present with them. He can stop what you are doing and make full eye contact when your child asks you a question.

“Ukrainian women enjoy the miraculous experience of being more than who I am because their culture gives no value frenzy. “