October 25, 2021

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How to deal with brake failures in cars

Brake failure in cars is unexpected and comes suddenly. The incidence of brake failure in cars can be frightening.

Imagine you are driving at high speed, so you have to use the brake but it doesn’t respond. Too many thoughts would run through your mind right now. That’s why you need to be calm when this happens so as not to make things worse out of fear.

Find out how to deal with brake failures:

1. Create attention around you

If you are driving and notice that your car has lost the brake, honk and put on the hazard lights to get the attention of other road users so they can be aware of your car’s situation and clear the road.

2. Change the driving direction to apply friction

You could start driving in zigzags or over shrubs and plants to apply friction to the tire which could reduce the speed of the car and cause it to stop.

3. Drive in a less dangerous area

When you notice that your car can no longer stop when the brake is applied, drive in an open space or a place where there are no humans or things that could cause a lot of damage to your car.

4. Do not turn off the car until it has come to a complete stop

Turning off the car before coming to a complete stop can cause the car’s steering wheel to lock up, with no direction control.

5. Check for objects under the brake pedal

Sometimes it could be that a bottle or some other object has gone under the brake pedal making it unable to press.

6. Drive up a hill

If you are driving in an area where there is a hill, you can drive your car up the hill to get it to stop before calling a van.

7. If your car has suffered a brake failure, be sure to take it to the mechanic’s service for maintenance and repairs to avoid further damage.

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