October 19, 2021

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“How I convinced my evangelist mom to let me participate in BBNaija” – Cross

BBNaija finalist, Cross revealed how he managed to convince his mother who is an evangelist to allow him to participate in the Big Brother Naija show.

Cross, her mother’s eldest son, noticed that she was initially opposed to his participation in the show, but had to break it down a little at a time and convince her.

In a live Facebook interview with PUNCH Online on Wednesday, Oct.6, she noted that her mom was unfamiliar with basic entertainment trends and had to get her to reason along her path.

“My mom is a pastor – an evangelist – and she wasn’t used to these things on social media and entertainment or even Big Brother.

“So I had to gradually explain to her what it was like and she said it was fine.

“Last year, when I almost walked in, she knew how sad I was when I didn’t. So it was a little easier to convince her, especially for that.” Croce said.

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