June 24, 2021

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How AMC and GameStop became Reddit faves

People walk past an AMC and IMAX movie theatre in the theatre district near Broadway on May 6, 2021 in New York City. - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Broadway will reopen on September 14, 2021  at one hundred percent capacity, with some tickets going on sale starting today. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Blackberry. AMC. Nokia. This quartet game, along with others such as Clover Health insurance coverage, ContextLogic fast food retailer and fast food vendor Wendy, darlings of the Reddit team.

So why do some stocks become unpopular on Street Fighter and become the favorite of Reddit fighters?

All of this has to do with the fact that the right number of small sellers are betting against them.

With that frustrating for Reddit people, many of them are looking at a small sale — when an investor lends a product and sells it hoping to buy it at a lower price and invest something different as a benefit – as a solid part of this game is invested to promote the value of the forest floor.

Reddit users looking for underdogs on Wall Street pros think is creative: Blackberry (BB) and Nokia (MBA) left when everyone started buying iPhones and Androids, then AMC (AMC) and Sports (GME) the tragedy has befallen both of them, plus a change in the way people watch movies and play video games.
“Short there are some tricks for us today. But today we put it,” wrote a Redditor on Thursday about AMC, GameStop and Tilray (NJU), companies working on cannabis are also short-sighted. “We’re fighting short. We’re staying strong; Monday we’re going to get into full control.”

‘Paint’ the life of too much money

The term “meme stock” can be used for a period of time, but the fact is that Reddit people are sophisticated enough to understand that by storing short stocks but not too many shares for a business, there is an opportunity to help. fuel material known as small compression.

The same thing happens when small sellers rush to sell their shares because of rising prices.

The higher the short-term trend, the faster-selling stocks fall to die. So they have to buy fast to avoid losing their shirts – thus increasing the price.

If a small seller sells a commercial currency at $ 50 and sells it but the stock goes up to $ 75, that is a waste of $ 25. If it exceeds $ 100, the short is $ 50 in red, and so on. . They want to get out quickly to reduce their loss, which creates volumes.

“This is the perfect raincoat for epic short volumes: the mother of all shortcuts,” he said. a Reddit user about AMC Thursday. The label went on to say that AMC is the “safest bet” on Wall Street – and emphasized it by using several rocket emojis.

Of course, AMC is not a “safe” product per unit area. Many can go wrong and open up the economy. Even if things go well, some argue that shares, currently more than 2,000% already in 2021, could end up quiet.

Planet of ‘monkeys’

Still, investors in stock meme stocks should understand that the so-called monkeys, a time when many Reddit investors have defined themselves, playing a long game. They usually do not want to make money after they have finished fast.
A Reddit user said, “We’ve been in this for a long time,” and post about GameStop, BlackBerry, AMC and Other issues, adding that stocks are “completely primed for a piakota.”

The support of the Reddit crowd draws attention from the meme stock management team, too.

Health Clover President Vivek Garipalli gave them a shout-out to the company’s deposits and analysts last month: “We are also raising some questions from the strong community of Clover and Reddit investors. As soon as possible, we are a big believer in community-based retailers. ”
Why AMC is looking for low-cost investors with free popcorn
AMC has even promoted reward programs for loyal campaign buyers.

“I have high hopes for AMC’s new company,” AMC CEO Adam Aron said in a statement on his revenues last month. “Just go to Twitter, go to Reddit, go to YouTube. Read these posts. They love AMC.”

“These are not the ones who are going to be investors in AMC. These are going to be AMC customers who come to our theater and have a look at watching movies in our theater as payers. guest fees, ”he added. “So I love the idea that we have someone who is passionate, compassionate, very passionate.”

So far, not all Reddit-supported businesses have been aggregated into fights between commercial buyers and small-scale sellers. Just look Wendy said (WEN). Trian’s insurance company, owned by Nelson Peltz, is a top-notch distributor.

So it seems that the key to finding a product for the Reddit brand is to find companies with limited shares available for business. It is easy to promote the higher quality products.

That is the case and Wendy out this week, as one Reddit user puts it “anger + lack + low volume means a little something to buy can push the price down quickly.”