July 27, 2021

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Hiring Website Development Consultants | Mobility

Hiring Website Development Consultants |  Mobility

Nowadays, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of digital presence for any brand. Having a professional and useful website helps attract new customers, keep a loyal audience, and increase sales. That’s why website consulting services are more important than ever.

A professional web development consultant helps companies in all stages of designing, developing, launching and supporting their web platform. Such experts can help with UI / UX design, best practices, prototyping, customer journey, SEO, and front-end and back-end development.

Why does a company need web design consulting services? Here are the main reasons:

  • Creation of a website that is unique and suited to the brand and its values;
  • Optimization of all processes, whether it is eCommerce or SEO;
  • Create an effective, fast and compatible platform with all types of devices, including smartphones;
  • Website development consultants also help make a platform safe and reliable.

An experienced web and mobile development consultant will create an original and excellent product that correctly presents your brand, stands out from the competition, and provides an easy and comfortable customer journey.

The role of a website development consultant

Web design consultancy services cover all aspects of a website project, from design to programming and content strategy. It also has to do with the site’s navigation map, performance, compatibility, data security, and SEO.

A professional website consultant will create a development roadmap and all the steps that need to be covered. The role includes recommendations on the best platforms, domains, technologies and practices.

The responsibilities of a website development consultant include:

  • Design a comfortable and user-friendly interface according to the needs of the company;
  • Integration of various types of data, apps, plug-ins and multimedia content;
  • Prototype creation and testing, platform troubleshooting;
  • Code control, best practices and CGI;
  • A web product development consultant also creates a development strategy and makes sure the project is completed on time and without errors;
  • Assistance for the distribution and maintenance of the site, as well as for the integration of updates and new technologies.

Software security consultants assist with the integration of security best practices and ensure that all sensitive data is protected from any breach or attack.

Rates for web development consultants

Companies looking for help with a consultant’s website know that rates depend not only on experience and skills but also on location. IT salaries vary from country to country; for example, here is a comparison of the hourly rates of senior consultants in 5 countries.

* Rates are provided by research done by our internal recruiting team on local job boards

Based on this software consultant website salary difference, it’s easy to see why remote hiring and outsourcing are so popular.

Advantages of hiring a website development consultant in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the popular Eastern European destinations for remote hiring and outsourcing of IT projects. Ukraine offers significant benefits for international partners, such as:

  • Convenient location and time zone, especially for European partners;
  • Corporate ethics and culture very similar to the rest of Europe;
  • Huge talent pool with approximately 200,000 IT professionals and 16,000 STEM graduates annually;
  • Accessible communication because Ukrainian developers and consultants have an excellent command of English;
  • IT infrastructure developed with many industry leading offices and R&D centers located here, including Microsoft, Samsung and Boeing;
  • Maximum quality of services. Ukrainian developers and consultants are known for their experience and skill. Ukraine holds 14th place in the world for IT skills, according to TopCoder.

And of course, another essential benefit is saving your budget while accessing the best talent.

Mobilunity – Your consulting services partner in Ukraine

Mobilunity has more than 10 years of experience in hiring the best Ukrainian IT professionals for various projects. We have already helped more than 40 clients around the world, from Japan to Switzerland and Canada.

Mobilunity also has extensive experience, particularly with web development services. We have built a responsive and highly functioning travel website, a sports website synchronized with a mobile app, a unique public speaking platform that offers everything professionals need, from blogging to courses. Mobilunity can find consultants and developers who will create unique and exceptional websites for your business.

We will find suitable and experienced professionals specifically for your project to take your business to a new level of success.

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