June 19, 2021

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“He was our breadwinner” – The family of the deceased 29-year-old driver breaks the silence

Mr. Asaniyi Rufus, the father of the late 29-year-old pilot Asaniyi Taiwo, who lost his life in the plane crash that killed military officers, broke his silence following the unfortunate incident.

Speaking to Nigeria’s news agency on Monday at his Ibadan residence, the late pilot’s 62-year-old father, who repeatedly cheated on emotion, lamented the death of his son.

“I fought to ensure that my children had the best. I have been farming for 32 years to support my teaching job, just to ensure my children have the best education.

“Since my retirement in 2019, Taiwo has been the one who has supported my family. All the responsibilities of the family had been on his shoulders, being the first son.

“It was a blessing for us and our extended family. I thought the chain of hardship was broken, but God took it away, ”said the grieving father.

Asaniyi appealed to the federal government to help him find work for his deceased son’s siblings so that he (father) wouldn’t die thinking of him.

“I want to appeal to the government to help me find work for them because God took my beloved Taiwo away,” she said, sobbing uncontrollably.

The deceased’s mother, Ms. Rachael Asaniyi, 59, who could barely speak, also appealed for government assistance.

Additionally, the eldest son of the family, Ms. Oluwatoyin Olaoye, who spoke highly of her late brother, said the family was comforted in the fact that he lived a fulfilled life.

“Just one day after the accident, he called me to get me the list of things our in-laws had sent for his wedding and that I would have to charge them and come back to him.

“He also told me that the military had asked him to continue a course in the UK with effect from 12 June.

“My brother was exceptionally brilliant; it was the bright light of both our nuclear and extended family, but God knows best, “he said.