October 19, 2021

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H1 Systems: The place of microdata centers in the financial sector

Nowadays, the optimal functioning of almost any business or facility requires data readily available, so it is extremely important for organizations that their business applications are always available quickly and seamlessly everywhere. Many have already realized that the more companies they support with IT systems, the greater their competitive advantage. The digital revolution could not escape the financial sector either, as customers in the sector are using more and more financial services combined with modern technological solutions – and therefore more and more data traffic. The trend, IoT and 5G, which further strengthens the trend, will result in a data explosion that will greatly increase the demand for server fleets

Financial institutions manage their data assets in centralized, high-security data warehouses. However, with the transformation of financial habits, access to data on peripherals and bank branches, as well as the rapid execution of transactions, both online and in the branch, are taking on an increasingly important role. Secure access to data and continuity of service, which are required for quick administration, also represent a competitive market advantage for customers

However, storing and processing the information that appears on the perimeter networks requires a special solution. The use of so-called microdata centers can provide a solution for managing sensitive data. These local data centers, also known as modular safes, are smaller, 1-3 rack cabinet versions of traditional data centers. They offer space-saving and cost-effective local storage, providing a scalable solution for consolidation transformations.

Rátkai Barna, Sales Manager, H1 Systems

Access to high-availability, real-time IT services can be ensured without loss of performance by using modular safes. The installation of the device does not require special conditions or architectural changes, it can be installed in an office in one day.

Its application provides complete protection for IT systems: redundant cooling, integrated fire and fire alarm system, humidity sensors, monitoring system and UPS are all housed within it. In addition to the internal support systems, the external design offers maximum protection against physical influences (fire, shock, intrusion, dust and water resistant design, protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency attacks). Another advantage of the tool is that it can be modularly expanded and easily migrated if needed.

The micro-data center solution is used by various financial institutions and international customers who need fast, high-security local data analysis and processing.

For any challenge where local data processing can be beneficial to the business, the potential of edgecomputing is worth exploring.

As one of the region’s leading data center experts, H1 Systems will help its customers choose the most optimal solution with a customized proposal after evaluating on-site capabilities.

Overall, securing your data center hardware is worth thinking about when you plan to purchase servers and other components and design the space. In such cases, it is a significant advantage to entrust this phase to experts who have significant experience in this field. H1 Systems offers different solutions based on customer sizing

But it’s not just experience that helps build new data centers: H1 Systems engineers evaluate current mechanical and electrical capabilities as part of an audit service and develop costly proposals for their expansion and development. In many cases, the scope covers not only the control of hardware devices and their redundancy, but also the review of operational and maintenance processes, as this ensures the long-term operation of the machines. Development plans are developed in close collaboration with the client, in line with their growth plans and schedule

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