September 18, 2021

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Governor Ikpeazu explains why he lives in a 3-bedroom apartment in Aba

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state explained why he lives in a 3-bedroom apartment in Aba, Abia state.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, July 26, Ikpeazu said he chose to live in a 3-bedroom apartment in Aba, away from the government headquarters in Umuahia, because he wants to live among his own people and get used to life outside the country. candies.

He said: “I spent some time in my lodge in Aba. It is a three bedroom apartment. I don’t know how many governors can reside in this type of place.

“But I’m staying here because I want to keep an eye on the fact that I’m the governor today, but I won’t be the governor tomorrow.

“I won’t stray too far from how I live my life. I will work hard to the point that someone who comes after me will find it difficult to operate unless they are running in this same lane. “

Ikpeazu also addressed the issue of who will succeed him in 2023. He said that it can only be decided by God.

He explained that no one believed he would become governor in 2015 but God surprised everyone.

He added that he hopes that any individual who succeeds him will build on his legacy and subsequently perform better than him.

He said, “But every man in my position will pray for a successor who will uphold his legacy and mean good to the people of the state and do even better than him.”