October 25, 2021

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Google Plex RIP: Google announces the end of Plex services

RIP Google plex, what is it? Google has finally planned to shut down plex services. After announcing Plex Mobile bank accounts in November last year, with Citibank and a few other financial institutions, Google is pulling out of the product. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company has abandoned plans to open bank accounts to its users.

A Google spokesperson said our focus is primarily on providing digital ratings for banks and other financial services. Rather than serving as a provider of these services below RIP Google plex.

Plex is a famous name. It is a well known payment platform. Google made the decision after checking customer loyalty. There are also other names on the list that may be closed by Google.

RIP Google plex sounds more like a way to help with organizations that haven’t had a modern and competent application yet, so it fits Google with one, which is why major names like Bank of America and Capital One, which already have their existing applications , they weren’t on the list. of partner

Latest updates on RIP Google Plex

According to the magazine, a Citibank spokesperson said it intends to recommend other accounts to people who have already entered the Plex waiting list. The publication raises that the waiting list numbered around 400,000 people and that the pandemic is planning unscheduled. The magazine also noted that up until this week, several banks were under the impression that the project would continue to promote.

It’s all decided in advance

While leaving the Plex brand, Google appears to be following it in the financial services industry. The spokesperson said we believe it is the best way for Google to help consumers gain better access to financial services and help financial services, which can more deeply connect the ecosystem with its customers in a digital environment.

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