September 19, 2021

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Google as Orwellian “Ministry of Truth”: Tech Giant Admits Prevents Australians From Viewing Certain Videos That Deviate From Accepted “Facts”

If visionary writer George Orwell, author of “1984,” which offers a dystopian vision of the future, were alive today, he would be amazed at how absolutely correct many of his predictions about omnipotent central governments were.

Such as the existence of a “Ministry of Truth”, whereby bureaucrats decide what the public can and cannot know in terms of “established facts” – that is, truths that conflict with the narratives of the central government, even if they are fake.

Take as an example what is happening in recently authoritarian Australia.

According to reports, Google officials admitted to blocking Australians from seeing certain videos because the platform’s engineers tweaked the algorithms to prevent those videos from appearing in searches.

The NWO report has more details:

According to a media diversity survey, Google’s algorithms automatically select videos from news channels to censor from Australian viewers it deems offensive, inaccurate or dangerous.

But the tech giant defended the move, saying its benchmarks were set by global “trust and security teams” based on the best evolving advice from governments, health authorities and community standards.

The admission was made during the Senate Environment and Communications Reference Committee’s testimony on diversity in the media chaired by Australian Green Party Senator Sarah Hanson-Young about a week-long ban on Sky News from part of YouTube owned by Google and the removal platform of 23 videos last year related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to a question from Senator Kim Carr, a Google rep admitted that the platform removed the videos after Google algorithms found that the footage with Sky News commentators commenting on the virus violated anti-spread policies. misinformation, although Sky News is a legitimate news organization not prone to spreading lies or false stories.

Lucinda Longcroft, director of public policy at Google Australia and New Zealand, told the legislative committee that fighting disinformation requires a whole society approach, adding that her company takes its responsibilities in this area seriously.

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“We are not a do-it-all platform,” Longcroft said.

But of course, unspoken in all of this is the fact that one person’s “misinformation” is another person’s “inconvenient truth” and when your government has become very dictatorial in the COVID era, as did the Australia, then any counterfactual information that reveals your authoritarian authority policies to be misleading, inappropriate, unnecessary and utterly stupid must be blocked.

And apparently, Google agrees with the Australian government’s orders.

“The footage, the committee was told, was largely filmed prior to the availability of Covid-19 vaccinations and included medical experts and commentators wondering if ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine could be a treatment for Covid-19.” , the NWO report noted, adding that “Longcroft said the videos were determined as misinformation by artificial intelligence software and that no personal complaint was filed with the platform.”

He went on to say that Google has 12,000 members in its trust and security teams, but none of them are trained medical experts – they just know what information the platform and its government customers want to block.

The platform claims that its guidelines were created after consulting “experts in that area,” but many of the “experts” are politicized hacks such as Dr Anthony Fauci, the chief immunologist in the United States who is all-in for the vaccines and refuses to engage in any other treatment, despite the fact that the vaccines available are nowhere near the efficacy of the 85-95 percent that were considered and despite the fact that vaccinated people are now contracting COVID.

One of the best defenses against the virus is the natural immunity that forms after someone has actually contracted the disease and then recovered. This has been true of viruses since the advent of humans, but now, all of a sudden, Fauci and other “experts” aren’t pushing “herd immunity” for COVID – just vaccines.

As for YouTube, the platform has already removed around 5,000 pandemic-related videos with Australian IP addresses, which means the platform has removed them from addresses in other countries as well.

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