September 18, 2021

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Getting rare drugs in Nigeria: Online pharmacies to deliver pharmaceuticals nationwide

The digital pharmacy space is expanding, more than 60 pharmacies and supply chain start-ups are developing technology-enabled techniques to deliver essential pharmaceutical products and services to customers.

A survey conducted by Digital Health Nigeria to assess the behavior of Nigerians for online ordering and delivery of prescription drugs revealed that Nigerians, especially in Lagos (63.4%) prefer to purchase prescription drugs online, compared to buying from a pharmacy (36.6%).

The main factors that strengthened this purchase decision were “AVAILABLE CONVENIENCE”, CONVENIENCE AND ACCESSIBILITY

Online pharmacies such as have a network of licensed pharmacies on their platform, which provide direct delivery to the consumer of prescribed medications, virtual consultations with doctors, and online engagements with patients via social media and SMS.

They have successfully exploited this trend and simplified the process of delivering pharmaceuticals to their consumers. We can call it a deliberate strategy on their part, as their clients not only have the opportunity to speak to doctors from their website, but they can easily order medications via whatsapp, social media or the website www.drugstore. ng


PRICE: There is an open opportunity for patients to purchase medicines from a variety of pharmacies at affordable prices.

AVAILABILITY: Locally, some patients struggle to locate pharmacies that have some rare drugs in stock. At this point, these digital pharmacies step in to supply these products that most local pharmacies cannot stock.

WARRANTY: These pharmacies are licensed. There is also an extensive network of product performance information, advanced data aggregation and analytics to generate insights into drug safety and efficacy.

INVOLVE PATIENTS: Patients are engaged through apps, health and fitness devices, and online communities. The convenience of speaking to a doctor from the comfort of their home / office allows patients to take responsibility for their own health. Patients are already starting to use portals for their medical records, they use apps to compile scripts and online patient communities to talk to other patients with the same disorders.

CONVENIENCESome of these pharmacies such as DrugstoreNG distribute these products nationwide, so that patients can get their pharmaceuticals at their convenience.

It is truly a new era for digi pharma as patients can now count on obtaining licensed, affordable pharmaceutical products, all at their convenience.