May 18, 2021

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German woman convicted of IS membership for staying in Syria

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BERLIN (AP) – A Berlin court on Friday sentenced a German woman belonging to the Islamic State group for her time spent in the territory controlled by the extremist group in Syria.

The court sentenced the 34-year-old, identified only as Zeynep G. in line with German privacy regulations, to two years and 10 months in prison. However, he ordered her to be released on condition that she reported to the authorities.

The defendant traveled to Syria to join the IS in October 2014, the court found. There she married a man of Chechen origin who grew up in Germany and belonged to the IS.

In 2015, the court said, she sent several messages to her former employer in Berlin asking her to join the IS as well. After her husband was killed in combat, she married another IS member, who gave her a Kalashnikov rifle as a wedding gift.

The defendant was convicted of belonging to a foreign terrorist organization and violating gun laws. In condemning her, the judges took into account the fact that she had credibly distanced herself from the ideology of the IS, ‘the court said.

They acquired it for using an apartment seized by IS, discovering that they could not rule out that his family had bought it on the market.

The defendant denied the allegations, stating that her trip and stay in Syria were motivated not by Islamic extremism but by love for her first husband. The defense asked for acquittal, while prosecutors asked for a 3 and a half year sentence.

Prosecutors said Zeynep G. was captured by Kurdish forces in early 2019 and fled about a year later from a refugee camp in northern Syria. She was then arrested after entering Turkey and taken into custody in Germany after being deported last May.