September 18, 2021

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General Mark Milley feared that Trump might order a nuclear strike in China. He took steps to limit Trump’s strike powers and called his Chinese counterpart twice to reassure him it wouldn’t happen.

Daily mail: General Mark Milley took covert action to protect nuclear weapons from “unstable” Trump after losing the election and called China’s top military leader to reassure the country that Trump would not attack in a desperate attempt to stay in office. , reveals Bob Woodward’s new book

* Milley’s extraordinary efforts are detailed in Peril, according to a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa

* Told senior military officers it was “part of the procedure” on military action

* Called head of the Chinese army two days after the January 6 uprising to reassure the US was not going to attack

* He was concerned that Trump might take rogue action to stay in office

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley took a series of extraordinary actions following the January 6 Capitol uprising because he feared that an “unstable” President Trump might take military action in a desperate attempt to stay in office, according to the Bob Woodward’s new book bomb.

Efforts included Milley as the senior military officer who met with senior Pentagon military officers two days after the MAGA uprising and told them to keep him busy for all military action, including the use of nuclear weapons.

It also included contacting Milley’s counterpart in the Chinese military to provide reassurance that the United States would not hit its rival, according to the book.

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WNU Editor: When the military leadership decides to evade civil authority. In my book this is a military coup.

Regarding Gen. Milley’s two calls to his Chinese counterpart. What would happen if China used this information to launch its own attack? They have been threatening to do so for the past two years.

This is an incredibly dangerous precedent, and General Milley and those at the Pentagon who have taken these actions should be held accountable for their actions as soon as possible.

I also feel that President Biden’s authority to launch a nuclear strike is also limited.

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