May 18, 2021

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From executive orders to vaccines: Biden’s first 100 days in figures

From executive orders to vaccines: Biden's first 100 days in figures

Joe Biden will cross the 100-day milestone as president of the United States on Thursday as he begins to implement his policies and outline his goals for America in a post-Trump world.

U.S. citizens will know more about Biden’s goals for the country on the evening of his 99th day as he delivers a speech in his first joint speech to Congress as president.

During the speech, the president will update Americans on the current state of the nation, discussing the health of the economy, policies and proposals for the coming year, alongside the results his administration has already achieved in its first 100 days.

Mr. Biden initially worked with Congress as it made it clear that he would not begin implementing the policies until a coronavirus relief package was agreed, which was finally reached in March.

He has since focused primarily on vaccinating American citizens, but has begun working with Congress to shape the country.

Due to the January 6 Capitol riots, in which five people died and many more were injured, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Biden had a lot to deal with despite being president for only three months.

But what did Mr. Biden achieve in his first 100 days? Read about his presidency in the numbers below.

230 million vaccines administered

Even before he was inaugurated as president, Biden made it clear that he wanted to set and meet ambitious targets for the amount of US citizens vaccinated in his first 100 days.

He had originally promised to administer 100 shots of the Covid-19 vaccine by his 100th day in office, but that goal was only officially met on his 58th day, prompting him to double the goal to 200 million.

Mr. Biden also set May 1 as the day all U.S. adults would be eligible for a vaccine, but moved it until April 19 as the rollout continued successfully.

Since then, coronavirus vaccinations have continued apace, with the United States now delivering 230 million doses nationwide, even surpassing Biden’s modified target.

Of that figure, more than 140 million people have received their first dose, while nearly 96 million people are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or about 29% of the US population.

41 Executive orders

The amount of vaccinations is not the only staggering number in Mr. Biden’s first 100 days, as he is signing executive orders at a faster rate than any president since Harry Truman in 1945, towards the end of World War II.

Despite operating on a platform of unity, Biden has so far skipped Congress more than 40 times, signing 41 executive orders in his 100 days in office.

Many of these orders focused on the ongoing pandemic, while he also revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, signaling a greater emphasis on addressing climate issues during his administration.

Within 100 days of his office as president, Trump had signed 33 executive orders, while Barack Obama had signed 19. However, most of the executive orders signed in this presidency were 99 by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1933.

62 orders canceled by the Trump administration

The number of executive orders signed by Biden is high, but he’s been even happier when it comes to reversing his predecessor’s policies.

In his 100 days in office, Biden canceled 62 of the Trump administration’s 219 orders, according to the American Presidency Project, compared to just 12 his predecessor had cut since the Obama presidency.

Of his 41 executive orders, 19 of these were to reverse Trump’s policies, including putting the United States back on the Paris climate agreement and halting the construction of the US-Mexico border wall.

11 Signed invoices

In his first 100 days as president, Biden has signed 11 bills to date, including the $ 1.9 trillion (£ 1.36 trillion) coronavirus aid package he signed in March to help the country in between. to the ongoing pandemic.

Mr. Biden signed fewer bills than Trump and Obama in their first 100 days, as they signed 28 and 14 respectively. However, Biden’s figure is greater than that of George W. Bush, who only signed seven in his first few. 100 days.

Despite only signing 11 bills, Biden focused his first presidency on vaccinating U.S. residents and accepting the coronavirus relief bill.

36 confirmed officers

Since it opened on January 20, Biden has had 36 of his candidates for government posts confirmed in their roles.

Of the 171 candidates so far chosen by Biden, 88 are still under consideration in the Senate, while 47 are awaiting a formal nomination.

Although Biden’s 36 confirmations are more than Trump’s 25 and Bush’s 33 at the same point in their presidency, they are far fewer than Bill Clinton’s 45 and Obama’s 68, according to a study by The Washington Post in collaboration with the Partnership for Public Service.

Mr. Biden’s cabinet is the most diverse in history, with 10 women, four Hispanic Americans, six black US residents, and the first Native American person to hold a cabinet position.

The president also presented 11 nominations for the federal bench. However, he will have to name a lot more if he is to match Trump’s 220 historians by the end of his presidency.

67 inaccurate statements

In his first 100 days as president, Biden made 67 inaccurate statements, a figure that’s far less than Trump’s 511 in his first three months in office, according to a study by The Washington Post.

Of his 67 inaccurate statements, 21 of Mr. Biden’s are from observations, 17 from interviews, 16 from press conferences, 9 from prepared speeches, and one from a tweet.

While for Trump in his first 100 days, 127 inaccurate claims came from comments, 117 from interviews, 99 from tweets, 63 from prepared speeches, and 56 from election rallies.

Although Biden was critical of Trump’s inaccurate comments during the 2020 election campaign, he made inaccurate statements during his first three months, particularly about the controversial new electoral law in Georgia.

Mr. Biden said the new voting law would reduce the voting time, but the voting time has been extended and early voting opportunities have actually been increased as part of the legislation.

592 tweets

Tweets at all hours of the day and night became commonplace during Trump’s time in office, but Biden focused more on using speeches to get his message across.

So far Biden has posted 592 tweets in its first 100 days, which equates to roughly six tweets per day.

This figure is surprisingly higher than the 489 tweets Trump posted in his first 100 days, yet the amount he tweeted increased dramatically during the remainder of his presidency.

Before Trump’s account was permanently suspended in January 2021, he posted more than 26,000 tweets, averaging around 18 per day.

However, Biden is unlikely to reach this figure, as his use of Twitter is generally about official government affairs, while Trump has ranged from politics to his personal thoughts and feelings.

Due to a hectic start to his White House tenure, the 46th president’s first 100 days aren’t the best indicator of what the rest of his presidency will look like, but they allude to Biden’s core interests, including climate and diversity.