July 24, 2021

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Free challenge of traditional Ukrainian cuisine

Free challenge of traditional Ukrainian cuisine

Nutritional challenge to improve immunity and prevent Lilka Sky and Etnocook diseases

Take part in a free immune boost challenge from Etnocook chef Lilia Tiazhka (Lilka SkyLilka Sky) based on traditional Ukrainian recipes from Etnocook.


The challenge will last 5 days, 1-5 June 2020 in a closed Instagram profile LilkaSky Class. Now it’s open you can go directly there, follow it and stay until the end of next week, June 7, 2020.

During this Lilka Sky challenge all participants will have access to live nutrition videos and useful tips on how to boost your immune system with the help of simple foods that you can easily find. We will also discuss ethnic ingredients and how to cook traditional Ukrainian dishes Etnocook using recipes from the website.

You can take an active part in the challenge, cook, take pictures and share them, or just watch and read the information as you wish.

This nutritional challenge will be in English and it is the added benefit for non-native speakers to improve the level of English. What could be more interesting than a light kitchen that speaks English? It’s a win for everyone, I think.

More information about this free five-day traditional Etnocook cooking challenge and other special offers, such as nutrition programs, diet and nutrition consultations, can be read on the LilkaSky Class website.

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