July 29, 2021

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FRANCE: eyewitness report on the ground from July 17, 2021, protests over COVID-19 vaccine passports

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Euronews reports that tens of thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday across France to protest the new coronavirus rules announced by the government earlier this week. They also reported that only about 1,500 people were demonstrating in the French capital. In the southern cities of Montpellier and Marseille, the authorities counted 5,000 and 4,250 demonstrators respectively.

I suspect this it has been grossly underestimated from what this reporter saw right in my small town. Perhaps this is the story governments want to tell you. Also this video below shows this reality from the French capital.

In Paris, a protester’s blouse read “No to compulsory vaccination, freedom violated! “ while another’s sign said: “Macron, no to the health dictatorship”. In Marseille, protesters held a banner depicting the faces of politicians, including French President Emmanuel Macron with Hitler’s mustache.

The ground report:

This reporter saw 4,000 to 5,000 protesters in a medium-sized city of around 100,000 in the south of France. I interviewed about 10-15 people to get an idea of ​​what the average protester was thinking. Watch the video below of a small portion of the protests. It was peaceful and there was no violence or vandalism. It was interesting to see the creative signs made.

It could be pointed out that these protests were different from the typical CGT union protests and the Yellow Vests protests earlier – I have witnessed both. The energy level was much higher and the issues discussed were clearer. You could hear the passion in their songs: people understood that their freedoms would soon be taken.

Speaking to a group of nurses at the local hospital, they were all ready to refuse the vaccine and lose their jobs. They indicated that about 20% of hospital staff would be discharged. The hospital obviously would not be able to function if these people were fired and forced to leave their positions.

The composition of the demonstrators was that typical of the French bourgeoisie. Who knows if many of them were also part of the previous Yellow Vests movement. Surprisingly no. I would estimate that only about 10-20% were part of the Yellow Vests movement. However, speaking to the few Yellow Vest protesters who were in the crowd, they indicated that they would soon join the mandatory vaccine protests in numbers, albeit mostly out of their disgust for Macron. In terms of diversity, the group was visibly more diverse than in previous Yellow Vests protests. The issue of the mandatory vaccine is transversal to all diversities.

The protests lasted about two to three hours. However, as evening came, various groups could be seen separating, and some young people joined the protests and started to get a little rowdy: firecrackers and graffiti. For the most part, the police presence was light, although a cat and mouse game of sorts began with the more rowdy young protesters. In some of the larger cities in France this was not the case: vandalism.

What are the protests about?

Read here the draconian measures that French President Emmanuel Macron plans for the French regarding mandatory vaccine passports. France is the zero point of these new laws, but France is not alone. Across Europe and starting with the United States, these new laws appear to be the plan to control Covid and populations. Specifically, in France, the key themes are:

  • Vaccines required for healthcare professionals – or being fired.
  • The Health pass (vaccine passport) will be required for entry to places such as cinemas, restaurants, cafes, bars, nursing homes and for long-distance train and bus travel. For offenders, up to € 10,000 fine and six months’ imprisonment. For violating restaurants, 45 thousand euros and one year in prison.

On the ground, when they ask many of the protesters: Will you go to restaurants starting in August and face these sanctions? A question “deer under the headlights”, most could not answer. However, few said it would scare them off and get the vaccine. With so many unvaccinated in France, one wonders what this will do to the already bad economy in France if Macron goes ahead with his plan.

You can’t be sure who is organizing the mandatory vaccine protests in France, but here is a text that has been widely shared and appears to be a faithful view of all the protests going on this July 17, 2021.

⚠️⚠️⚠️🧨🧨 SHARE️⚠️⚠️
⚠️⚠️⚠️🧨🧨 SHARE️⚠️⚠️

➡️➡️➡️ SATURDAY ⬅️⬅️⬅️
⚠️AIX EN PROVENCE: 10:00 – Rotonde
⚠️AGEN: 14:00 – Quai du Gravier
⚠️ANNECY: 14 H – Paquier
⚠️ALENCON: 14:00 – Halle aux Blés
⚠️ANTIBES: 10:30 – Rond point de Provence
⚠️AUBENAS: 14:00 – Place du chateaux
⚠️AURILLAC: 17:00 – Town Hall Square
⚠️BAR LE DUC: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️BELFORT: 16:00 – Kiosk Place d’Arme
⚠️BESANCON: 14:00 – Revolution Square
⚠️BORDEAUX: 14:00 – Place de la Bourse
⚠️BOUGUENAIS: 10:30 – Grand Lieu roundabout towards the airport
⚠️BOURG-En-Bresse: 16:00 – Place Seraucourt
⚠️BREST: 14:00 – Place de Strasbourg
⚠️CAEN: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️CALAIS: 13:00 – Theater
⚠️CAYENNE (GUYANA): 8 H – Prefecture
⚠️CHAMBÉRY: 13:00 – Court
⚠️CHAUMONT: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️CHERBOURG: 14:00 – Place du Général de Gaulle
⚠️CLERMONT FERRAND: 12:00 – Place de Jaude
⚠️COLMAR: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️COULOMMIERS: 14:00 – Roundabout of Europe
⚠️DIGNE LES BAINS: 14:00 – Place general de Gaulle
⚠️DUNKIRK: 10:00 – Place Jean Bart
⚠️EPINAL: 14 H – Prefecture
⚠️FIGEAC: 10.00 – Rotonda di Carmes
⚠️FORT DE FRANCE (MATRINIQUE): 9:00 am – Prefecture
⚠️GRAMAT: 9:00 – Roundabout des Écoles
⚠️GRENOBLE: 14 H – Place Victor Hugo
⚠️ THURSDAY: 14:00 – LIDL
⚠️LA CIOTAT – 14:00 – Vieux Port
⚠️LA ROCHELLE: 13:00 – Aquarium
⚠️LAMBALLE: 11:00 – Station (Boulevard Jobert)
⚠️LANESTER: 9 H 30 – Rond point des Lann-Sevelin
⚠️LANGRES: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️LE MANS: 14:30 – Exhibition center
⚠️LE PUY: 14:00 Place du Breuil
⚠️LILLE: 12:00 – Place de la République
⚠️LIMOGES: 14:00 – Place Jourdan
⚠️MANOSQUE: 10:00 – Rond Point Hyper U
⚠️MARSEILLE: 14:00 – Vieux Port
⚠️MELUN: 14:00 – Prefecture
⚠️METZ: 14:00 – Place D’Arme and Place République
⚠️MORLAIX: 10 H – Market
⚠️MONTPELLIER: 14:00 – Place de la comédie
⚠️MULHOUSE: 14:00 – Place de la Réunion
⚠️NANCY: 14 H – Place Maginot
⚠️NANTES: 14:00 – Passage by tram
⚠️NARBONNE: 14:00 – Town Hall Square
⚠️NICE: 14 H – Piazza Garibaldi
⚠️NIORT: 11:00 – Bessines roundabout
⚠️NIMES: 14:00 – Prefecture
⚠️🧨PARIS: 14:00 – Place du Palais Royal
⚠️PAU: 10:00 – Place de Verdun
⚠️PERPIGNAN: 9 H – Hospital
⚠️PERPIGNANO: 10.00 am – Prefecture
⚠️PERPIGNANO: 14:00 – Hospital
⚠️PERIGUEUX: 10:00 – Court
⚠️POITIERS: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️REIMS: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️RENNES: 14:00 – Place de la République
⚠️ROUEN: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️SADILLAC / BERGERAC: 15:00 – Ferme de la Coutaude
⚠️SAINT BRIEUC: 14:00 – Place du Guesclin parade to the prefecture
⚠️SAINT DIZIER: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️SAMANTAN 32: 10 H – Group point Inter
⚠️STENAY: 9 am – Commercial roundabout
⚠️ST ETIENNE: 15:00 – Place Jean Jaurès
⚠️STRASBOURG: 10:00 – Notre-Dame Cathedral
⚠️TARBES: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️TERRASSON VILLE DIEU: 14:00 – McDonald’s roundabout
⚠️THONON LES BAINS: 14:00 – Sub-prefecture and Place des Arts
⚠️TOULONE: 14:00 – Piazza della Libertà
⚠️TOLOSA: 14:00 – Jean Jaurès (Metro)
⚠️VISITS: 14:00 – Place Jean Jaurès
⚠️VALENCE: 12 H – Prefecture
⚠️VALLON PONT D’ARC: 14:00 – Town Hall
⚠️VANNES: 14:00 – Esplanade du port
⚠️ BISHOP: 13 H – Rond point of the arena
⚠️VICHY: 10:00 – Town Hall
⚠️VIRIAT: 10:00 – The new one
⚠️SEE: 14:00 – Place St Bruno

Many of the protesters I spoke to have promised to return for more future protests. Just like during the yellow vest protests before Covid19, they typically had weekly Saturday protests. Once the situation becomes real and starting in August, when the typical French are deprived of their freedom, these protests could escalate. The French love to go to their cafes and restaurants – what happens when they can’t?

Furthermore, if there is any truth to many of the issues surrounding Covid19 vaccines (see shocking report here and here), rabies will reach a climax: many French people are fully aware of the potential dangers of Covid vaccines.

I will continue to provide updates while in France as a reporter for the Right thread ratio.

Where it ends up, nobody knows.

Syndication source for the original RWR article.

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