October 20, 2021

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For my neighbor – Modernyj Korovai

For my neighbor - Modernyj Korovai

It was a real coincidence.

We moved into our current home almost a year ago. We are still meeting new neighbors and being introduced to people who have lived in this area long before us. It’s a close-knit and caring community by the river, filled with kids, parks, bike paths, and wooded grounds. In fact, the first owners of our home liked the neighborhood so much that when they returned to Ottawa they tried to buy our home back!

I also found that our neighborhood is infested with a few Ukrainian people. I speak Ukrainian to my children and have been approached more than once by strangers who recognized the language. One such time she was with a neighbor around the corner: she intercepted me during a walk one summer evening. It’s funny how small our world can be: I met one of her daughters in zabava (Ukrainian dance party) when we were children.

A few weeks later, an email arrived in my inbox: “What a coincidence to meet your website. He’s your neighbor around the corner. My eldest daughter is getting married in mid-September. the korovai for your wedding? “

I was delighted! We could meet in person to discuss the design and the pickup would be really easy. The mother of the bride gave me a pretty clear idea of ​​what her daughter liked (two rows, roses, wheat, doves, braids) and what she disliked (pine cones). He also gave me some doves made by his mother, the bride babtsia, to have something to remind her at the wedding. I thought it was a beautiful, sentimental idea. In the end, we decided to spread the doves around the korovai so that they remained intact (i.e., we wouldn’t have to drill holes / insert toothpicks to attach them to the korovai).

This was probably my shortest deadline: I delivered the korovai less than a week after our first meeting. Thankfully, I didn’t run into too many obstacles along the way. It certainly helped that I had made a bouquet of roses and doves in advance, in preparation for the 2020 summer season … I suppose you can call it a silver lining!